Friday, June 3, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 : Brittani Kline.

Being addicted to America's Next Top Model (ANTM) since 12 years old is definitely weird for a guy or any male in the universe. Boys are usually connected to rough and extreme things. But for me, I am more to the other side of down. I've been living in a family with so many females in it and I'm getting used to girls stuffs. I admit, I do have some male cousins but they're too young and too old for me to talk to. In conclusion, I am more to girls' stuffs rather than clinging myself to the rough and extreme part of life.

Aside from the above, the actual purpose of me posting this is that I want to tell you about the latest ANTM winner, Brittani Kline. It is the Cycle 16 this year and for the past 3 year, I've been starting to like and agree to the decisions made about the winners. Cycle 13, 14, 15, and 16 has been the best cycles ever. The winners were chose according to their ability in modelling.

Cycle 13 Winner : Nicole Fox.

Cycle 14 Winner : Krista White

Cycle 15 Winner : Ann Ward

Cycle 16 Winner : Brittani Kline

So, what do you think about these models? They are truly magnificent and awesome aren't they? :)

Since Cycle 15, ANTM has been upgraded to a new level. It was elevated. From editorial fashion, to high fashion. Couture. From Wilhelmina Models agency, to IMG Models agency. Everything is all about high fashion. That is the reason why I like modelling. And to be frank, ANTM is why I start editorial photography. I want to be like the noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker. :)

Back to the main point, Brittani Kline has been a very competitive contestant since the first photoshoot. From week to week, she improvised herself and produced superb pictures. Although she didn't win best photos 3 week in a row like Molly did, she eventually manage to emerge as the winner. Even Mrs. Banks said that she has the fresh look almost like an urban chic with some couture girl feature, which is why she was chosen as the winner.

All in all, she is indeed the next top model. She received a contract with IMG Models, one of the most influential model agency in the entire world (that's what Tyra said.). She will also be shooting a spread of Italian Vogue Magazine and a 6 page spread in 'Beauty in Vogue'. Lastly, she will be featured on and 100,000$ contract with Covergirls. Simply amazing for a remarkable model.

Brittani Kline, you are amazing just the way you are. And I'm in love with your pictures. :)