Saturday, March 20, 2010


These are the casts of my All-Time Favorite Movie !

Zac Efron/ Troy Bolton

Vanessa Hudgens/ Gabriella Montez

Ashley Tisdale/ Sharpay Evans

When I watched their first movie High School Musical 1, there was some kind of an attraction that made me love them. At first, Troy was the one who holds the fate of his alumni in the basketball game while Gabriella was the bookworm and Sharpay was the diva. One night, in the new year's party near town, was the first place where they meet when they sang the "Start Of Something New" song together unanimously. Because they were chosen by the DJ to sing a song on the stage. Both of them hesitated to sing, but as time passed by, they began to cope with the mood of the song and began to look in each others eyes and found the friendship synchronization among the two of them.

You can search for the story later. All I want to say that 3 of them are HOT!.
especially Ashley and Zac!. ~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today Was A Fairytale- Taylor Swift

I LOVE Taylor Swift, because she is so talented. When she sings, she caught the listener's heart automatically, without doubt!. I heard this song in the Valentine's Day movie, I thought this song was perfectly awesome, and I decided to let you hear it first. FYI, the official video has not been published into YouTube yet, that's why I had to use the fan-made one.


Happiest Day Of My Life! =)

Today, 6th March 2010, me and my best friend for life went to celebrate his birthday in CenterPoint (CP). We invited many people, but only a few that came to celebrate the day of his life. First, we went to the Popular Bookstore while waiting for the ticket counter to open. I thought of buying him a simple present but meaningful. Unfortunately, there were no gifts that suits my friend, cause he's kinda unique in his own way. I wanted to buy this, but it was imperfect. The others were also imperfect at all! *sigh* Then I finally decided that, it's okay, I can still show my devotion as my present to be given to him.

After a while, we went back to check if the counter is opened or still closed, but thankfully, it is open. We had a rough time on choosing the right movie to watch, but then I just remembered what movie that both of us would love to watch!. Valentine's Day!.. of course!.. After agreeing with each other, we brought the tickets and walk.
Then Akmal's cell was suddenly ringing, and after he read the message, he told me that our friends were here, and they were on their way. I was shocked after hearing that thing, because I was not very familiar with his friends. I called them as his friends rather than our friend because they were from Akmal's class, not mine, and neither in school we seldom meet up. His friends came up to meet us not much than a minute, but less. Akmal had a conversation with them while I was trying to get along with them. As time pass by, the conversation was finished and I knew everyone of them in no time!.  =)
They decided to watch Niyang Rapik, the scary movie, while me and Akmal watch the romance movie.

Our friend Erna could not stay longer than it was supposed to be, because her mother can't fetch her after 12 o'clock, pity her. We went on without her, and we didn't realized that it was almost 12:10pm!! It was the time for our movie to start!.. We rushed back to the cinema as fast as we can, and eventually we were right on time when the movie started. The movie was remarkable!.. I was into the story, because it was a real love movie!.. And the WORSE part was, there was a Gay-Scene!.. haha! And the actor for the gay guy was a very attractive and I thought that he was the hero, but it turns out that he was not. haha... Everyone in the hall was screaming because of  astonishment, including us both!.haha.. But it was a weird experience at all..haha..

After watching the movie, we went to KFC to get our lunch. While we were on our way, we pass by many shops, one of them was, CD shop. I was so frustrated to get a 'New Moon' DVD, and fortunately there was plenty of the DVD in the shop that we passed.  I left Akmal alone in the hallway and walk passionately to the shop to buy the DVD. After I brought the DVD, I went back on my walk to the KFC with full of happiness and satisfaction. We ate KFC 'Jom Jimat' pack. While we ate, we recall the things that we have been through in our friendship and get to know each other much, much better, =)

After lunch, our other friend suddenly called and she said that she was at Palm Square waiting for us to come and accompany her. We hurried back to Palm Square to go and see her immediately because she is  a bad-tempered girl. Luckily, when we arrived there, she wasn't in a bad mood, in fact, she did even smiled a big smile.haha.. Then, we played bowling. I wasn't quite sure whether I should play or not, because I've never played this thing in the past years. In the first and second round, I didn't hit any pin. But in the third round, I hit 5 pins!.. And I was very amazed with myself, although I don't have any experience in this thing, I managed to hit some pins. Finally, I lose to Akmal. I got 55 and he got 94. It's not a big gap anyway, so I don't care mush about losing to him. haha..

After a day in the CP, it was time to say goodbye. But we still can meet in school.haaha..
I was the first to say goodbye to both of my friends. It was very gloomy to say goodbye after we had such a very great time together. I wish that we could do this more often in the future. And that's all for today's agenda. thanx for reading! bye! =)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I need a NEW PHONE.....

I want a NEW Cell Phone...
The one that I'm using right now is stupid and useless...
In fact, I HATE Motorola kind of cell..
It is not as good as Sony.. I want this phone,


This is a Sony Ericsson g900 cellphone.
Although this cellphone is greatly expensive!..
But it has it's own features. And that's what I like about this cellphone.. 
I wish that I will have this phone in the future..
All I have to do is WAIT..