Friday, July 10, 2015


7 months without any entries. Is that a good thing or a bad thing I don't even know. So what's up? My laptop's charger has been dysfunctional since early May and I don't have enough cash to repair it. I haven't even told my dad about it cause I'm pretty sure he'll piss off and blame me for not being responsible enough about it. Currently having my 3 months semester break and as usual nothing fascinating happened. I have only been burning daylight, watched every channel that exists on tv, drove my family here and there, gone groceries shopping, and endlessly hang out with Rahman. 

I wanted to blog so badly but every time I opened this new-post page, I instantly get no picture of what I'm going to write. Thought of movie reviews, but then I haven't even watched the latest movie in the cinema! Fashion reviews? Too difficult for me to describe about the linens and whatsoever.(plus I don't really have that many outfits in my wardrobe.) Daily activities? Too public. Eventually I end up closing this tab and continue watching music videos on YouTube. Pretty lifeless isn't it? If I can show you how many drafts that I have, you'd be really surprised because I have more drafts than my actual blog posts! 

Btw, I just read my friend's blog post about 'pursuing your passion' and for a moment, I kinda feel like I found a new thing to do instead of watching the clouds moving or wasting time on people who doesn't get me. Perhaps this time I'm really gonna venture myself into the arts of photography. And who knows I'll be featured in the VSCO app thingy? It's okay to dream big right?