Thursday, December 20, 2012

Predictions for 21 . 12 . 2012 .

Hello again bloggers and readers! I am finally back after a very long pause from blogging. :)

As you can see from the title up there, *pointing up* I'm gonna talk about the nonsense and craps about the predictions of what's going to happen on 21 . 12 . 2012. Well, aside from the cool arrangements of number, according to the Mayan's calendar, doomsday is going to happen on that date. Frankly, I seriously DON'T BELIEVE it.

As stated by my religion which is Islam, doomsday will happen when those major signs of doomsday starts to appear. As far as I could see by now, there are only the minor signs of doomsday that is seen. So, to all of you who believes that the date stated above is the actual doomsday, I want you to take a rest and meditate and pray more to God for guidance and calmness.

I think that is all I have to say for now. Goodbye and thanks for reading. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nothing is better than HOME

It was as if I have just arrived home from my school when I realized that the time has finally come for me to go back. Since the beginning of my holidays, I began to fear of what I fear the most. No, it's not spiders or cockroaches either bees. I fear of leaving my family after 2 weeks of being with them. 2 weeks of laughter, sadness, anger, love, and even hatred. Those 5 things in life is already enough to make me grow fonder towards my lovely parents and siblings. And this is why I hate long holidays. After each holidays, I tend to get homesick and restless every night before I go to bed. Living in a dormitory is kind of hard ya know?

This festive season has been the greatest memory so far in 2012.Well, after the Language Week of course. LOL. Most of my expectations were wrong and beyond what I've thought it would look like. But still, some things were on the right track. Without further delay, my 'Raya' days were awesome in Papar but kind of dull back in Tambunan. I don't know why but that is what I felt. This year, everything was different and I effing love it.

As we all know, to seize a moment, all you gotta do is to take a picture and save it forever in your life. Here are some of the moments that I've managed to capture. Nothing is less memorable than these. They are the colors of my life. 


Annoying Little Sister on the right with my niece Bintang on the left. 


They are the most superb parents ever! :) 

Le cousins and siblings. 

Indeed, it was a very colorful Raya for me this year. In conclusion, I would like to state that NOTHING IS BETTER THAN HOME. ♥
Before I leave, here's a video of the day : 

Take care and bye. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Minggu Bahasa Zon Barat 2012 : Unforgettable Memories

Hello dear bloggers! I'm back for more stories. hehe.

Last week, my friends and I went to the West Zone Language Week once again this year but with some new  faces. It was a very beautiful memory indeed. For the first time in my life, I can't stop thinking about this event. It has been lingering inside my head since the day I got back here at KK. It's like everything isn't the same as previously. One thing that I will miss the most is not my Drama Team but my Drama Family. :')

I call them as my Drama Family because only in a week, we managed to blend in and get together as if we've already met since the dawn of time! Well, maybe its because we're living in a community where we can easily  see each other, but still all of barely knew each other before we got into the Drama. The memories built during the one and a half week of practice really did give a strong impact towards my life. Because of this DramaFest, I get to know more about my juniors since Adie and I were the only seniors in the team. To make it simple, my Drama Family is simply amazing and they are really cool.

Yes of course, there were some conflicts between us. I mean, many conflicts. The conflict about 'who is the real director', commitment, trust, time punctuality and also 'where to practice'! Truth to be told, this year is totally different from last year. Perhaps it is because of the presence of my juniors? Last year, all of us were of the same age. While this year, there were three form 2 students, ten form 4 students and two form 5 students in the Drama Team. So I think that makes us a wonderful family. I guess so?

From 13th of July until 16th of July, memories were built, interests exchanged, feelings grew and lastly the cupid arrow brought together a few people towards success and love. Honestly, I kind of fell in love with one of my friends during the language week. Okay actually, the feeling started to grow when we were still practicing in school. During every practice session, this 'someone' will always look at me and smile as if I was   the sunshine of the day. Without any hesitation, I played along and smiled back. I didn't mean anything suspicious or mysterious behind my smile though. Then, on that one night before our departure to Negeri Sembilan, it was a coincidence that I wanted to help her with her works.

Since my job was already done on that time, I wandered around the stage to find anyone to work with. Among all of the drama team members, I met her. She was unsure about what color should she use to paint the balcony of the virtual castle. Without further delay, I came up with a suggestion and helped her with the paintings. During our moments together, there was this one unforgettable moment between me and her. And it was when we laughed as if we were the only human in the hall. By that, I didn't mean we laughed out loud. I mean, we enjoyed our moments together. It was the best moment I had with her. Since then, both of us always look at each other and wear the same smile like we used to. :)

But it seems that a friend of mine is starting to have feelings for her as well. I am a bit worried but its a part of life. Plus, I'm holding on to the phrase, 'If you love someone, let them go. If they come back to you, then you were meant to be'.

Overall, this year's Language Week is a whole ot better than last year! That is my MAINPOINT! I just couldn't forget about what had happened before and after the Language Week. If you want to see more pictures, you can just click on this link,

That's all from me, BYE! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

One & Only - Cover (Syafiq)




Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hello bloggers .
Last night, 28th of May 2012 was the showcase of Pixie Lott in Sabah. My friends and I went to watch it at 1Borneo Hypermall here in KK, Sabah. At first, I didn't have the ticket but since my friend got an extra ticket, he asked me to accompany him to watch the showcase.

I went there with my uncle who was fortunately going to the showcase as well. Oh not to be forgotten, his friend also came to watch the showcase. We took off from house at 6 pm and after the traffic congestion and other stuffs, we arrived there around 7pm. As we arrived at the place, my uncle and I immediately went to our separate ways since my friends were already waiting for me for like almost an hour. After having our dinner at KFC, we went straight to the venue.

OHMYGOD. The place was TERRIBLY PACKED and HOT. It was beyond my imagination because I've never been into a showcase at that temperature! huhhhh. Pixie Lott came out to perform 30 minutes LATE. -,-
It was kind of disappointing because in the ticket itself mentioned that the showcase would start at 8pm. But, what happened was?... 8:30. UHHHHH. NASIB BAIK SAYA MINAT PIXIE LOTT. haha.

I was enchanted upon listening to her voice. She sang the song 'Cry Me Out' so beautifully. ahhhhhh~ Since then, I fell so deep into her. Plus, she is so beautiful, gorgeous.
Went back home after the show. It was a great day to be remembered.

Here are some pictures of the showcase :

Actually there are more photos but I'm just too lazy to upload it. -,-' ugh. okay nite y'alls.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 Weeks Before Sem 1 Final.

Hey folks. :)
It has been a very long while since I haven't post anything in this beautiful yet quiet blog of mine. haha. Well, 5 months have passed in 2012, and as time goes by, my final exam for semester 1 is coming closer. Seriously, I am not ready to face that exam because it would affect my pointer for my last semester.

You see, SPM is like in a few months time. Or should I say 192 days? Haha. It's nerve-wrecking and my percentage of readiness is still below average. Imagine, 9 subjects to be covered in only 192 days?! Gotta start working my ass out to study all the subjects in order to get 9A+ and fulfill my dream. :)

My targets for Sem 1 exam are as follows :

BM - A
BI - A+
MATH - B+ / A
PAI - A/ B+
SEJ - A+/ A

There you guys have it. I know it may be a little bit too much over the edge, but you know what they say, "Aim for the moon, you'll land among the stars." That is the principle that I must apply in my daily life. hoho.

Well, it's getting late and I've gotta study for my upcoming exam. Farewell all, and have a nice day.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yuna Zarai : One Of A Kind

I've been listening to Yuna's songs lately because I find her so amayyyyyzaaaaiinnn malik (bahahahaha). Yeah, she truly is a magnificent singer after all. She's a Malaysian and her English is so damn FLUENT. Either in speaking or singing. I bet her writing is also awesome. I mean, just look at her songs, and lyrics. they mean something. She sings about what most teenagers feel in the real life and yes, it does affect our lives. Teenagers lives to be exact.

Her personality and appearance are also icon-able! Look at how she evolved the hijab fashion? I bet if she didn't start that trend, the muslimahs around the globe would still wrap the hijab so endlessly ordinary. You see,  she is one of a kind. Although Najwa Latiff also came out of the blue with hopes that she'll be on the same level as Yuna, I still prefer Yuna's soft and soothing voice to entertain me when I am sad, happy or whatever I am. May Allah bless Yuna in all her activities. Amin. :)

Before I rest my case, once again, I'd like to say that she is one of a kind.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maria Elena :)


I really love her accent either its in malay or in english. she sounds awesome and look awesome. I bet her fiancee is really grateful for having a woman like her. I mean, she got the looks, she got the swag, and she has everything that a girl wants in life. ohhh how I envy her for being so awesome and such a swagger. 

Follow her on :
YouTube - shortnap
Facebook - Maria Elena Is Greek Helen