Saturday, January 29, 2011

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me.

Wow! After years of 'hibernating', the sexy and hottest Britney Spears finally came alive with a brand new song! She is, without any doubt the Queen Of Pop.

At first, I was bemused when I knew that she produced a new single. Because she's turning 30 this year and for me, 30 is indeed too old to sing. Haha. But, when I heard her song titled Hold It Against Me, I was kind of surprised because she still has the voice and the ability to attract people to hear her song.Well, she is indeed artist of the month. Here's the song Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears. I heart this song so much! :D

Enjoy !

Friday, January 28, 2011

why? :'(

From the look of her reaction, it seemed like she is the one. Then, a single Facebook status changed EVERYTHING. 360 degrees.

This girl has been friend of mine since I was 14 years old and now, she is my classmate. Everyday, I'd sense something very weird about her. Sometimes I thought that it was love, and sometimes I think of it about something else. Frankly, most of the time I decipher the weirdness as love. Yeah, I know that it sounds very awkward, but that is the truth. And nothing I can do to change it.

One day, which was today, I encouraged myself to approach her virtually/through Facebook. I went through all of her posts in her profile, and I liked most of her statuses. Gradually, she responded to all of my actions towards her statuses by liking my statuses. Among all of her statuses, I found one status which pretty much gave me some info about the guy she likes. Honestly, I have a strong feeling that the guy she's in love with is me. And I held on to that feeling.

Eventually, the real deal happened. While both of us were busy chatting in Facebook instant messenger, she posted a status that sounded like this, '♥ : npa ndk on9 time aku on9...hurm..~'. From that moment, my world fell apart, and it shattered my fragile heart into million pieces.

Since that incident, I seriously lose all of my faith for love. In my mind, that would be the last time I believe in love. Goodbye LOVE. I've had enough of heartbreaks. And I swear that I won't be able to face another heartbreak anymore. :')
Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best Friend Forever.

On 13th January 2011, something very saddening happened. My Best Friend Forever moved into a new school. And that means, new friends, new learning environment, everything new. I still remember last time when both of us were discussing about our future. We decided to not to move anywhere. And, it turned out that, he broke the promise and left me alone in that petty school. But, I will never get mad with him because I think that's the best choice for him, and I think I should let him go for good.

Last morning, before he went home, he did something very sweet and very thoughtful to me. He hugged me for the first time in my entire life! Then, my friends were like, very shocked and one of my friends said "Sweetnya!". Although he didn't say anything before he go, the hug was enough for me. Huh, I am crying now. Literally.

3 years of being his Best Friend Forever was extremely fun and cool. We laughed, shared problems, and did so many things together. I just can't forget him that easy. He is the greatest, kindest, happiest, blithesome, cheerful, and gleeful person and best friend I have ever had. :)

I will always be your best friend FOREVER. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Objectives.

Hey there bloggers! So, its 2011 already, and of course, I do have some new objectives to be completed by this year. I don't know whether I can complete it or not, I'll try my best.

#1 - Focus more on my studies .
#2 - Participate more Co-Curriculum activities .
#3 - Be a good student .
#4 - Slim down? Probably.
#5 - Love my family .
#6 - Get a girlfriend?
#7 - Live a life worth living .

Well, I guess that's my objectives for this year. I'm not sure with the number 6 and 4 because I don't think I can complete those. Huh.
Okay, Goodbye. :)