Thursday, September 15, 2011

Najwa Latiff .

Najwa Latiff is one of the Young Talents Of Malaysia. Her talent in music has brought her to a higher level in the industry. At first, she was a normal teenager who posts video into YouTube with hopes that she'll be famous like Yuna or Justin Bieber or Ana Raffali. Finally, after months of attempts, she has now emerged as an awesome singer with such big talent. Her popularity is getting higher day by day. 

Recently, I've been exposed to the songs that she sang on YouTube. Of all the songs that I heard, Cinta Muka Buku stroked my soul and triggered something inside of me which I call likeness. I keep on repeating the song and miraculously, I enjoyed it. In fact, the more I play the song, the more enjoyment I get. It's my ear-candy.

From this article, all I'm trying to say is that, reach for your dreams and make it happen. No matter how hard it takes, just go for it and you'll never regret the outcomes. Fulfill your destiny like she did. :) 

Her smile is so beautiful and wonderful.
Her voice is a miracle.
16 is just so possible.
Nothing is impossible.

Najwa Latif