Saturday, April 24, 2010

. empire of my life .

simplicity made my day.
after the additional class, I went to the English Language Club activity, which is supposed to be a movie-day, but it turns out that my friend the chairman, forgot to inform the teacher in charge, that we wanted to use the computer laboratory. and because of that, she was scolded harshly by the teacher adviser. i felt sorry and pity to her, because she's such an innocent girl. thus, she's the only daughter in her family. when she was scolded, i can see her eyes pumping tears to flow out from her eyes. but thankfully, she can handle her tears from falling down, very well. then, she followed the teacher into the teacher's room.

since we can't watch the movie, we played game, which is listening game. the teacher played a song called keep on movin and she asked us to fill in the blanks in the lyric. it was fun, and entertaining. after an hour, the meeting/activity was finish and i went back home early. there was nothing to be done that time. thus, my tummy needs food! when i arrived at home, it was like the normal days. the same people, same thing, same pet, everything's the same! i felt so tired and i decided to sleep after i finish my lunch. i woke up at 4:37pm. and i went straight to the toilet because, my tummy felt so sick. i digested lots of faeces! and as all humans faeces does, it stinks. after that, i watched the television, and fortunately, Twilight was on! although i've watched it many times, i'm not bored yet!

i checked my hand phone and i got 1 missed call. it was my cousin. we were planning on tutoring our niece about mathematics. but when i called her, she said that her mother can't send and fetch her from our aunt's house because it's raining, heavily. so, i conclude that, no tutoring today. i was like, "yahoo!" and at the same time, "boohoo!".  i took my bath at 6:10pm and after that, i do my homework. all of my homework are very difficult. especially mathematics and sejarah.

i ate my dinner at 8:35pm. i suddenly remembered that tonight is the Konsert Akademi Fantasia! i switched on the television and i finished my dinner in front of the screen.
well, today was an okay day for me. there was nothing special happened. so, i better get to bed.

nitey nitez!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Artist Of The Month - Selena Gomez !

Falling Down - Kiss and Tell

Naturally - Kiss and Tell

I like both of these songs!
Although she can't hit the high notes like her friends (Demi Lovato & Miley Cyrus) can, her voice is still the apple of my ear. =)

p/s : You may notice that the Naturally video has been cut off a little bit. sorry.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I think I still like n love you... ♥

  Whoa. After all these time, I thought that I've stopped liking and loving you. But it seems that, I still do love you. It's hard to forget a First-Love. Even though I am not as friendly like before, actually I still do love you. I know that you're with another guy now. But I don't want to mess things up. I know that you don't love me anymore. In that case, all that I have to do now, is hoping. Hoping that you would come back to me. Although I've said that, don't ever come back to me again. But actually, I want you to come back. Please. I'm begging you. When will you realize the kindness in me? When will you realize that we belong together? Another two years? Or four years?
  On top of all, I still love you. I know that this may seem a little bit awkward for you to know. But, the fact is, I still LOVE you.

p/s : I mean this.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am So Stressed Out!

  Lately, I've been very active in school activities such as Public Speaking and Spell It Right. I'm not taking the Spell It Right thing as my number one priority. But the Public Speaking, I AM. I haven't memorized my speech yet, and my impromptu speech is extremely bad, the competition is on the 20th April 2010, and the conclusion is, I am not prepared. Plus, my parents asked me to do the Score A online learning, while I need the time to memorize my speech! And I almost forgot about my homework and assignments! Even last week's homework, I haven't done it yet! This is all your fault Score A! I hate you very much! Because of you, my life is miserable. All the things that I SHOULD do FIRST, was all turned upside down! My schoolwork were the LAST, and the Score A was the FIRST! Ugh. I'm so mystified because, I didn't say anything to my parents about this, and suddenly they registered me up so that they never have to pay anything for my tuition. I was just about to start study my own way, but then, the shit came up and terrorized my life!
  When I asked my father why he had to register me up for this thing, he said that it's for my own good. Well, actually, I DON'T see anything good happened to me. I don't think that this thing is helping me. But, I have a feeling that this thing is ruining my life! I hope that I could just erase this matter from my father's head and let me focus on my studies rather than using the computer for an hour and terrorizing my eyes. Okay, I think that's all for today's expressions. I am looking forward to see you later if I have something bashful and anything that's connected to the word STUPIDITY to be post. Goodnight folks!