Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nothing is better than HOME

It was as if I have just arrived home from my school when I realized that the time has finally come for me to go back. Since the beginning of my holidays, I began to fear of what I fear the most. No, it's not spiders or cockroaches either bees. I fear of leaving my family after 2 weeks of being with them. 2 weeks of laughter, sadness, anger, love, and even hatred. Those 5 things in life is already enough to make me grow fonder towards my lovely parents and siblings. And this is why I hate long holidays. After each holidays, I tend to get homesick and restless every night before I go to bed. Living in a dormitory is kind of hard ya know?

This festive season has been the greatest memory so far in 2012.Well, after the Language Week of course. LOL. Most of my expectations were wrong and beyond what I've thought it would look like. But still, some things were on the right track. Without further delay, my 'Raya' days were awesome in Papar but kind of dull back in Tambunan. I don't know why but that is what I felt. This year, everything was different and I effing love it.

As we all know, to seize a moment, all you gotta do is to take a picture and save it forever in your life. Here are some of the moments that I've managed to capture. Nothing is less memorable than these. They are the colors of my life. 


Annoying Little Sister on the right with my niece Bintang on the left. 


They are the most superb parents ever! :) 

Le cousins and siblings. 

Indeed, it was a very colorful Raya for me this year. In conclusion, I would like to state that NOTHING IS BETTER THAN HOME. ♥
Before I leave, here's a video of the day : 

Take care and bye.