Sunday, September 19, 2010

9th Syawal !

Hi ! Yesterday my family and I went to Ranau to visit my grandfather and grandmother. It was kinda boring cause only me and my adorable cousin, Shazana were the only teenagers at the house. And, we did some photography to lessen our boredom. Here are the photos! Oh ya, umm, I changed it to the GiF format to make it easier to watch, rather than scrolling down. My models are my little cute sister and my adorable little cousin. Enjoy !

Monday, September 13, 2010

I miss you .

I miss the way you talked,
I miss the way you mocked your face for me,
I miss the way you laughed,
I miss the way our eyes met,
I miss the way you walked,
I miss the way you made your hair,
I miss your body language,
I miss your sense of humor,
I miss your jokes,
I miss your voice,
I miss your smile,
I miss looking into your eyes,
I miss the way you look when you're bored,
I miss the way you eat,
I miss the way we spent our time together,
I miss the way you tell me about something,
I miss your accent,
I miss your smell,
I miss holding your hands although it only lasts for several minutes,
I miss your everything.

I dedicate this to the person that I admire the most. Although sometimes, we sit far from each other, seldom talk to each other, we will still be the perfect two. This person inspires me the most. This person made me laugh every time we meet. This person melts my heart with his sweetness. This person is always there for me. This person is the only person that could make my heart beats fast, and make me blush. This person is the peanut to my butter, straw to my berry, the star to my light. I will always remember you until the day I die. Love you! XOXO