Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Taylor Swift - Innocent

Lately, I've been listening to this song over and over again. I just can't find the reason why I can't stop listening to this song. If Kesha's drug was her boyfriend's love, mine is a song called Innocent by Taylor Swift. This song somehow connects me within, just like Colbie Caillat's song, Never Told You. Well, Taylor wrote this song for Kanye West after the incident where he took the microphone from Taylor Swift's hand purposely in front of thousands of people -it's the Grammy Award, to be precise- and he said that, Beyonce is the greatest singer of all. And since that incident, Taylor Swift got very famous while Kanye West was despised by most of Taylor Swift's fans. In fact, since that incident, Kanye West wasn't famous anymore. But still, credits to him for making Taylor Swift more famous. Anyway, if you have't heard of this song, here you go :

Enjoy !

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Memoirs .

Overall, 2010 has been a really tough year for me. And because of that, I can't remember much about the happy moments I had with my friends nor my family. But I'll just list down some moments and dates that I remembered . :)
And one more thing, this is my first post for 2011! Happy New Year! :)

20th January : wished my ex-girlfriend a Happy Birthday.
5th March : went to celebrate my bFF's (Khairul Akmal) birthday. we played bowling and watched movie! it was an AWESOME day!
7th March : wished my bFF a Happy Birthday! i gave him nothing but a meaningful and sincere wish.
15th March: wished Doress my friend, a Happy Birthday.
20th April : participated a Public Speaking Competition. Unfortunately, I lose. But it was a wonderful experience though. :)
5th June : Mom's birthday! I gave her nothing but a truly sincere and meaningful wish. just like last year.
6th June : my young bro's birthday. I gave him nothing at all. Absolutely NOTHING. and I am so proud of it. :)
5th July : Participated the Spell It Right challenge for the 2nd time. I didn't win, yet, it was a pleasant experience. And I kinda met someone new. But, I can't tell you who the person is. :P
7th July : Celebrated my 3rd friendship anniversary with my bFF. It was splendid! We ate ice-cream but we didn't finish it. And because of that, we had to give it to someone else. huh. I'll cherish that memory forever.
15th August : My best-Teacher's birthday! Unfortunately, this year, we didn't celebrate her birthday under some reasons. However, it was still one of the best day in my life. I love my Teacher so damn much! :)
17th August - 21st August : happiest days in my entire life. I can't tell you why, but it was absolutely the happiest day in my entire life. I will cherish these days forever too.
3rd September : my best-friend's birthday! I wished her a Happy Birthday, and celebrated her birthday by buying ice-creams and ate it before the recess ends. Although the birthday celebration was just an ordinary birthday celebration, we had so much FUN! :)
12th September : my little sister's birthday! Celebrated her birthday in Papar, our own home sweet home, and Tambunan! It was splendid and special! I love my little sister soooo much! :D
28th September : My birthday! Most of my friends at school wished me a Happy Birthday, while in Facebook, only 104 out of 956 people wished me. However, it was good enough for a person like me. And to all of you wished me a Happy Birthday this year, THANK YOU! :) And if you didn't wish me this year, it's okay, there's always a next time. Oh, and also, I found 4 persons born on the same date as me! And those peoples are, Danial Harith, Herney Jamal, Timothy Scotch Cobain and Iyka Sowtness. How cool is that?!
5th - 12th October : PMR week! It was kinda frustrating, but I had lots of 'fun' while answering the questions.
13th October : Daddy's birthday! I wished him a thoughtful Happy Birthday wish. I love you Daddy! You are the best dad in the world!
16th October : Celebrated my birthday with my beloved friends! It was kinda boring, but at least, one of my friend paid the foods for me. Frankly, she's my ex, and I was totally mystified with her action! I mean, how could your ex pay for your foods? huh. Until now, I am still mystified. huh.
18th November : Year End Party! I brought fruit salad and most of my friends liked it. And on that very day, I gained my weight with big numbers! I regret eating too much on that day. =,=
10th - 11th December : Went to Kundasang for a short holiday trip with my family. It was freaking awesome! I get to see the Mount Kinabalu and got myself a beautiful and virgin pine cone. Other than that, I got to see lots of cows in the Dairy Farm! And when I saw the cows being milked, I almost vomited because the smell of the cows were very repugnant! Plus, I think its kinda cruel to get something out of a cow. huh. Pity cow.
16th - 19th December : cousins sleepover at my grandmother's house. it was fun-packed! we did some photo shoot and pranked some people. can't forget those moments. :)
19th - 21st December : cousins sleepover (again) at my cousin's house. this time, it was kinda boring but still, my cousins and I had tons of FUN! can't forget those moments too. :D
23rd December : took my PMR result! thankfully, I got satisfying result. 5As 3B 1C. :)
26th - 29th December : again, a sleepover at my cousin's house located in Kinarut. we watched DVDs and made a Facebook account for her. Overall, it was splendid. :D
31st December : 2011 Countdown. it was the most AMAZING PARTY EVER! the whole family had tons of fun! we ate lots and lots of foods, played games, and also, my uncles and grandfather sang songs from my karaoke set. huh. it was pretty exhausting, but we had FUN. and that is the most important thing. but it was kinda boring too, because not all of my family members slept at my granny's house. and they should be punished for that! no commitment to the family at all! shit!

There you have it bloggers, my 2010 memoirs. Yeah, clearly, I'll miss every single moments I had in 2010, although 2010 was a very tough year for me. Okay, enough about 2010, lets talk about 2011! This year, I will try my best to be the best among the best, work on my composure and try to live my life cheerfully. Thank God, this year, I don't have any big exams. I guess that's all for my first post in 2011. I'll post something new soon.
I'm signing out, bye! May you Bloggers have a splendid year! :D

Satisfying Result !

Hey blog! I'm so sorry for neglecting you for almost 3 days. Anyway, I have a good news! I got 5A's 3B and 1C for my PMR examination! Truthfully, I was expecting lesser than this. But thanks to Allah the almighty, He gave me very satisfying result. Alhamdulillah. :)

Bahasa Melayu : A
Bahasa Inggeris : A
Mathematics : A
Science : A
Sejarah : B
Kemahiran Hidup - Perdagangan & Keusahawanan : B
Geografi : A
Pendidikan Islam : B
Bahasa Arab : C

Overall, I am very satisfied with my result. In fact, this is far more better than my Percubaan PMR. If you haven't read about my Percubaan PMR result, click here. Well, I guess, that's all for today's post. It's getting late, and I should probably be sleeping right now.
Goodnight Peeps !
Sweet dreams !
Take Good Care of yourself !
syafiQ .

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PMR Result !

Oh my ... Tomorrow will be the best day of my life, or it could be the worst day in my entire life, cause tomorrow, my PMR result will be revealed! I am quite nervous right now, but whatever happens, I will accept my result. There is no use to regret because I know I did my best. And I gave my all while I was answering the Questions.

Previously, I got 4As 1B for my UPSR examination. Since that, most of my cousins and aunts expect more from me. Sometimes, it pressures me because I know what I am capable of in terms of education. I don't have the brain of Albert Einstein, all I have is my own brain. And my brain has not much ability to solve difficult questions. Perhaps, I could only solve semi-hard questions. L.O.L.

Above all, I am kinda nervous right now, but I am trying not to feel anxious or nervous. I think that's all. Oh, and if you are kind enough, can you pray for my success tomorrow? If you can, Thanks !

bye ! wish me luck !

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taxi Band - Hujan Kemarin .

my cousin introduced me this song yesterday. She said that, this song could make a person cry. Frankly, when I heard this song, tears fell from my hazel eyes! If you don't believe me, you listen and feel to this song. I bet you'd cry or maybe, sad. Well, I had my experience with this song. I hope you'll get you moments through this song! :)
And 1 more thing, this band is not popular in Malaysia though. So, if you're hoping to hear this song through the radio, don't hope. haha. Enjoy !

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Please .

Is it wrong to hangout with your female-cousins? Is it a sin to be a very kind and loving cousin? These questions are lingering in my head as I was asking permission from my parents to do a sleepover at my cousin's house tomorrow. I don't know why they didn't let me sleep at my cousin's house. Is it because I'm a boy? But that doesn't mean that I cannot hangout even with my cousins! That is so freaking snobbish! Or is it because my parents are being too over protective? Huh, I really want to know the reason. Unfortunately, I'm not Edward Cullen who can read people's thought. And because of that, I can't seem to know the reason. Believe me, if you are in my shoes right now, you are going to burst into anger because you cannot know the reason.

Being raised in a semi-big family with numerous females is very tough. Yeah, I know it is supposed to be very easy, and FUN. But in my experience, you should banish the word 'FUN' and exchange it with 'TOUGH'. A long time ago, when I was still a little child, I never complain about being in a semi-big family. However, everything turned upside down when I was 15! Why in the world, should I be complaining about this while I am 15?! Plus, it's December, I've been waiting for December to come because I really wished that everything would be alright for me, and I wished that December would be the cure or vaccine to my 11 heartbreaking months! Well, of course there are some beautiful things happened in December, but not all of them.

Well, if you read this, please pray for me, so that my parents will give me the permission that I really need to sleep at my cousin's house . THANKS ! :)
♥ Syafiq .

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes.

I wanted you to know that I still and do love you.
I hope that we can get back together and be happy like old times .

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December is here !

Oh my God! After 11 months of waiting, December is finally here! This is it! This is the month that I've been waiting for! Even Taylor Swift made a song about December! And almost everybody in Facebook are waiting for December to come! Jeez, I don't know what's so special about December for them, but for me, this is a special month because, everything starts from last year's December. I don't want to talk about it, because it is so damn private. Nobody knows about it, except my diary and I. While this year's December, I'm hoping that something magical would happen like last year. Luckily, on the first day of December, which is today, something so miraculous happened! For further story, read this :


p/s : i'm sorry, it's just that, i'm not in the mood for blogging right now. i am truthfully sorry. :(