Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yuna Zarai : One Of A Kind

I've been listening to Yuna's songs lately because I find her so amayyyyyzaaaaiinnn malik (bahahahaha). Yeah, she truly is a magnificent singer after all. She's a Malaysian and her English is so damn FLUENT. Either in speaking or singing. I bet her writing is also awesome. I mean, just look at her songs, and lyrics. they mean something. She sings about what most teenagers feel in the real life and yes, it does affect our lives. Teenagers lives to be exact.

Her personality and appearance are also icon-able! Look at how she evolved the hijab fashion? I bet if she didn't start that trend, the muslimahs around the globe would still wrap the hijab so endlessly ordinary. You see,  she is one of a kind. Although Najwa Latiff also came out of the blue with hopes that she'll be on the same level as Yuna, I still prefer Yuna's soft and soothing voice to entertain me when I am sad, happy or whatever I am. May Allah bless Yuna in all her activities. Amin. :)

Before I rest my case, once again, I'd like to say that she is one of a kind.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maria Elena :)


I really love her accent either its in malay or in english. she sounds awesome and look awesome. I bet her fiancee is really grateful for having a woman like her. I mean, she got the looks, she got the swag, and she has everything that a girl wants in life. ohhh how I envy her for being so awesome and such a swagger. 

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