Tuesday, January 22, 2013


One day you were by my side. Smiling like an idiot. Dancing crazily with a cap on your head. Your height was my only cover from the sunlight. Getting bored of dancing alone, you took my hand and I danced along with you. There was no music though just you humming Olly Murs' song Heart Skips A Beat. Just for once, all of my sorrow was swept away. I was indeed very happy whenever you're with me. I never really thought about you leaving me. All I did think of was eternal happiness.

One day you just disappeared into the darkness and left me grieving. You left me nothing but memories. My heart shattered into millions of tiny and discrete pieces. I was devastated. Nothing could cure the pain you've caused. Everything seems to fall apart and crumble. Revolving doors stopped swinging. Birds stopped chirping. People stopped talking. Music stopped playing. Nothing is how it was back when we were still together. Echoes of your voice is fading away.

Today would be the 30th day of your ignorance towards me. Every morning I wake up, the first thing I do is to check my inbox for any of your messages. But nothing was there except for your old and dusty messages. You used to be my greatest thing, but now you're just a memory to let go of. I swear, the way we say our goodbye is not the way anyone in the world would ever do. Who knew that through ignorance, a strong relationship could fade away and break apart just like that. It's like with the flick of a thumb, our bridge is completely burnt without any chances of it to be stopped.

Like the waves in the ocean, I will always come back for you whenever you are in need of me. I know you probably won't ever come back but I just wish that you would. I've been secretly mourning for a very long time now. I just couldn't stop thinking about the reason you are doing this to me. What did I do wrong? Why did you have to leave me forsaken after all that we've been through together. I'm not being motherly or fatherly, but I just want to know WHY?

I hope you'd still remember about that gift I gave you  last time right after you went home. It is okay if you want to clear any memories about me inside your head. I don't think it's too much to ask for. Perhaps that is what you wanted all this while? You can take what's yours and I will take what's mine. But must we go there? It doesn't have to be this hard. All you need to do is to clear things with me. We don't have to take it this far. If you really value our relationship, pick up the phone and text me or just leave me a voice message. I just want things to be the way it suppose to be. Not the opposite. Love makes life look hard.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ain't Got No Money In My Pocket.

Good day to all of you gorgeous Popsicles. :)

I've been very unproductive lately. I have no money in my pocket, and my life is a total mess these days. I told my dad that I wanted a driving license, and he said no. It was kind of predictable because with the increase on the cost of a driving license, my parents couldn't afford it. Instead, I was told to find money and pay all the fees all by myself. That caught me off guard. I seriously didn't see that coming.

Since then I thought of getting a job. Not just any kind of job. I want a job with a good pay so that I don't have to work any longer than 2 months. I wish my 2 months of salary can pay all the fees of my driving license. BUT, THAT IS JUST A WISH THAT'S NEVER GOING TO COME TRUE. You wanna know why? Because, I'm such a lazybutt, and I don't enjoy most of the works that are in vacant for any SPM leavers.

I thought harder and finally, I came up with this one brilliant idea which is, to sell CUPCAKES, MUFFINS, AND CAKES. I mean, instead of working for someone, why don't I just work for myself and enjoy? That would be less frustrating and less troubling. But there's only 1 problem and that is, I don't have quite enough money to buy the ingridients all by myself. So I'm thinking of borrowing my parent's money, and I'll pay them later when I've got some profits from my business. I guess they would be okay with my idea. No, I hope they would be okay with my idea of selling cakes. :)

About my field of customers, I'm gonna try to sell it to my juniors at my old secondary school and I'm going to get some help from my little sister in promoting my business among her fellow friends. I'm pretty sure that my plan is going to succeed eventually. I've got the knowledge of making good cakes, and I've got some good flavors that's going to make people go loco and hyped up!

Just in case you have any suggestions about what flavor should I be selling, you can tell me in the comment box below. :)

I hope you guys will support me in this! Thank You for reading, Good Night. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Chapter.

Hello dear bloggers and Happy New Year 2013 :)

2012 has come to an end. Out with the old. In with the new. Cherish only the good memories of 2012 and forget about all the bad and bitter memories of 2012. It's time to turn over a new leaf and write a new chapter in our very own lives. This is the opportunity for us whether to change into a better person or just maintain just the way we are. But as for me, I'll sure turn into a far better person than last year. 

Overall, 2012 has been a very tough year for me. Yet, it was a very memorable and sweet year ever. I finally ended my senior year, which turned out to be a very sweet ending. All of us the form 5 students of MRSM Kota Kinabalu, the 7th Batch, finished our SPM examination together and we even celebrated the ending of our senior year with a final barbecue party. It was hell of a time. 

One of my 2012 highlights was also my performance during my formal dinner which also turned out to be my birthday. It was my favorite moment in my life but I was kinda sad because I didn't get the chance to take pictures together with my junior whom I really adore since the day we began to get along. However, I still enjoyed the dinner because all of the girls sang 'Happy Birthday' to me after my performance. And that made me seriously happy and appreciated. :)

I'll miss the pressure that all of the subjects have given me during SPM weeks. That was the time I worked my butt off for the very last time before moving on into University. It was the most pressure-esque week in my whole entire existence. Whew. I'll miss that pressure a lot.

I'll never forget all of my friends in MRSM Kota Kinabalu and SMK SANZAC. :) They are the reason why I survived high school. Without them I'll probably drop out of school because of depression and loneliness. Not forgetting to all of my teachers, a big applause for all of your teachings and motivations. I'll surely try to apply everything in my daily life.

Frankly, there are so many sweet and happy memories throughout the entire year of 2012. It is impossible to for me to list down and elaborate in a short time. Plus, I'm tired because of last night's new year celebration. It was hell of a fun. Perhaps I can tell you some more in the next post.

I think that is all I have to say in this entry. Let's just hope this year will be more memorable than my previous 16 years of living. Until next time, goodbye and Happy New Year 2013. Take care readers.