Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Glee Project : Cameron Mitchell.

Cameron Mitchell .

He is one of my favorites in the Glee Project show. I've been watching him from the 1st episode and all that I realized is that he is indeed a good singer and actor. The look on his face and his voice is strong enough to make girls fall in love with him and go crazy. To be frank, I kind of melted when I heard him singing for the first time. Yeah, I kind of though.

Glee Project is a TV show which opens an opportunity for the Gleeks to be a part of Glee officially for 10 episodes. It is a great show because through the show, huge talents are being discovered. For example, Cameron. But, unfortunately he bailed out himself under some reasons that he could not really describe. If he didn't do so, I believe that he'll be the winner instead of Damian and Samuel. Maybe his religious convictions has something to do with it. Poor him. Opportunity is being left at stake for nothing.

Well, I guess that's all for tonight. I'm so exhausted after a whole day of hosting a family feast at my house today. It was hell of a fun though. ;)

Goodnight and Goodbye. xoxo

Thursday, August 25, 2011

BVLGARI. The new of me.

HELLO readers. :)

So, I just got back from shopping for this upcoming festive season and I feel extremely tired. Although I didn't buy that much but the walking and looking was indeed tiring enough for my body to handle. For this year's raya, I don't feel like buying so much as I don't have the passion to celebrate the day. Unlike last year, I still had a little bit of the passion for raya but this year, the feeling had gone totally.

During my shopping hours, I was very lucky because my parents paid for me and I got a BVLGARI perfume for FREE! I was totally excited and over the moon when the cashier said that I could pick any one of the perfumes available in the store. There were too many to be chosen but thought after thought, I finally chose the BVLGARI : AQVA POUR HOMME. This is my first time having a BVLGARI as my very own fragrance. :)

Image Detail

And, with this new parfum, I am proud to call myself as the new me. Somehow, this fragrance had made me a new person internally and vice versa. The design of the bottle is so unique and the smell of the fragrance is shockingly awesome and addictive. I am on the edge with my fragrance. :)

This is the new of me. :)

_Peace our home dawg_

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


a very good afternoon i bid to all of you dear readers. :)

it has been 23 days since we started fasting. i'm getting a little bit fatter than i ever expected. i was hoping that i could lose some weight on this year's fasting month as i'm staying on a dormitory. annnnd, you know how it feels like to live in the dormitory(exhausted, bored, bored, annnnd bored.).

in a few days time, i'll be back on board with my family and old friends andddd, i'll be gone shopping for the upcoming RAYA! well, i'm kind of excited about this year's raya because i'll have the chance to shop for my own things on my own, with my own money, and with my own friends! well, you may think that i'm a typical guy living in a typical world. BUT, you are absolutely WRONG. :)

my life is brilliant, my life is pure, i saw an angel...*snapped out of it.

so yeah, i have the awesome-st family ever. i mean, although sometimes we fight, but that's the verdict.

back to the main point, my intention of posting this is that i just want to wish you guys a very happy MERDEKA RAYA. may all of you guys have a blessed and super-awesome raya this year. by the way, NEVER FORGET TO GIVE 'angpau' to the children and not to be forgotten, the TEENS!

once again, HAPPY MERDEKA RAYA! I really hope that Malaysia would reach it's vision before 2020 or by 2020. I LOVE MALAYSIA. :)

p/s : im blogging during class-hour. isn't it just so awesome? yeaaaaaah mannnnn. \m/

_peace out home dawg_