Saturday, January 30, 2010


This man's vocal is AWESOME!..
I wish that my vocals are as good as his..
ENJOY folks! =)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Latest Bulletin..

Hey there..yeah..It's been a very long period I haven't write down anything in this blog..
And I can see the rats at the corner of my blog..eww.. :P
Oh latest update for 2010 is:
*I'm in the Upper-First class.
*Me and Rachael had a little bit problem, but we've overcome it.
*PMR this year!.

Yeah..I think that's my latest bulletin..
When there are more, I'll write down the list of latest bulletin..
oh yah.. One more thing, I will not be able to on9 everyday like always anymore...
because, I'm having my PMR this year..And I have to concentrate on that ..
Maybe I'll be on9 only twice a month.. yeah.. Twice a month..
okay...I think that's all.. umm.. It's getting late... And I should be in bed right now..
haha.. yeah... I think I'll go now... Okay..
Goodnight Peoples!...