Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shor-Story .

Chapter 1 - 2010

“Come on Ryan, you'll be late for school! “Mom shouted from the car outside. “I’m coming!” I shouted back, while putting on my clothes. This will be my first day at school for 2010 batch. And I'm turning 15 this year. I hated high school before, but since I met Zac, school is a paradise. I sprayed a little amount of my favorite perfume which Zac gave me for my birthday last year. For me, Zac is like my brother, because he's always there for me. Although sometimes we fight, we're still holding on.

I grabbed my food on the table and went straight to the car. While I was in the car, mom was smoking her favorite brand of cigarette, Newport with menthol flavored. Mom started smoking since dad passed away 3 years ago, and she likely to spend more to buying cigarettes than shopping for her outfits. Mom seldom goes shopping, while her friends at work were making it as their hobby. After a while, mom started to drive through the road in our neighborhood.

I saw Mrs. Gabby picking up her newspaper while her husband was serving their breakfast. It's awkward to see the way the live their life. The woman takes the man's job, and the man takes the woman's job. Then, I saw Mrs. Ronnie-the sport 'woman'- jogging along the sidewalk with her headphones. Sometimes, I wonder what song could she possibly listen? In fact, she's like 56 years old, and listening to some sort of song is unlikely to be a normal thing to be done while jogging in the neighborhood.

I got out of the car and I saw Zac with his friends coming towards me.
“Good morning Ryan! “He said while doing our hand shake. I didn't say anything, and I invited him to enter the school hall. When we entered the hall, I saw Michelle - the girl that I like, but she doesn't know it yet- wearing her cute white t-shirt with a pair of jeans with her pink heels on her foot. I wanted to wave at her, but I didn't get the chance because of my anxiousness. Suddenly, she waved at me with her beautiful smile, and unexpectedly, I waved back at her. Usually, when I'm on my nerves, I can't get things right, and I can't move my body the way I want it to move. But, today was different.
Abruptly, Zac punched my elbow and said, “Whoa, I think she knows that you like her. The way she smiled at you was out of the ordinary. I suggest you go and get her. " .
“No way, she has a crush with someone else."
“Ryan, she likes you. I know it. Please, just go and get her, and live with her for the rest of your life in school. "
I raised one eyebrow, “Really? How did you know that she likes me? Did you ever talked to her before? "
"Duh, we've been friends since the second grade. Of course I know. Now, why don’t you meet her at recess in the cafeteria?”
“Okay, I will, but you have to accompany me, because I’ll totally freak out.”
“Not a problem.”
The school bell rang, and it’s time to learn and be sleepy in Mr. Josh’s history class. While waiting for Mr. Josh to enter the class, I prepared some lines to make it easier when I’m talking to her. The whole class was totally out of their minds, some of them were kissing harshly, reading, eating, and playing paper planes. When Mr. Josh entered, the whole class was silent. All that's left was the sound of the fan. Then, he started teaching with full of passion, while some of us slept through the hour and some of us did not pay attention.

Kringgggg.. At last, the bell rang and we're out of the class, energized.As I was on my way to the cafeteria, suddenly Zac came up and asked me, “So, mate, are you ready? Remember, keep those anxious feelings deep inside of you, and if you can, never let it come out again for the rest of your life.” I nodded, and he gave me a light punch on my shoulder to get rid of my fright. But it didn’t work anyway, and I assume that his punch was such a waste of energy although he’s tough physically. After a few minutes and steps, we finally made it to the cafeteria, and I saw her standing alone while waiting for her food to be served on her tray.
In all of a sudden, I could feel my heart pumping bloods vigorously, and I somehow felt like I was suffocating. I looked at her, and I realized that I could barely see anyone else beside her in the cafeteria. The distance between the both of us was lessening, and my heart was beating faster than ever-I could feel it-.

“Hi.”I said while smiling at her.
“Hi, Ryan right? I’ve been wondering about what you look like.”
“Well, now you know how do I look like, and what do you think?”
”You’re quite attractive. Are you using some kind of skin moisturizer? Your skin is white, and your face is spotless.” She said, while inspecting my face.
“No, this is my natural beauty –if that’s what I have to call it- but I'm grateful to have a face like this.”I grinned.

She laughed, and in all of a sudden, I felt relaxed and calmed down a little bit. I took my tray, and we headed towards the nearest and less crowded table. I saw Zac at the corner of the cafeteria, waving at me and gave me a ‘keep on going’ sign. I nodded and walked with her.
In all of a sudden, I realized that, lots of people were staring at me, and somehow questioning, what would a person like me, doing with a gorgeous girl? Abruptly, someone threw a banana skin on me, and it fell right on top of my face. All of them laughed at what happened to me. Then, Michelle looked back and asked me, “What happened? Someone threw you a banana skin?” Before I could answer, she continued, “They’re awful and mean. Let’s get out of here.” She pulled my right hand and we ran away.
At this moment, I felt like she was the kindest girl in my entire life. She saved me from a crowd full of hate, and sardonic people.
We found a place to sit, and she sat beside me. I wondered, why did she save me? This question was lingering on my mind. I took an easy breath, and I asked her.
“What’s that all about?”
“Why did you save me? I don’t deserve it.”
“I don’t know. I just like to help people to get rid of some crazy and scornful maniacs. I hope you don’t mind.” She grinned.
“Oh. No, I don’t mind at all.”
She took a bite of her burger. I took my burger, and I add some chili sauce on top of the meat. She looked at me, and frowned. I ignored her reaction, and started biting my burger. Then, she began to ask questions about me.
“So, what’s your story?”
“Well, my father died in a car crash 3 years ago, since then, I was raised by my mother. I don’t have any criminal history, I seldom read books, I am the only child and last but not least I like to sing. How about you?”
“Hmmm, I’m the third from five siblings, I hate smokers, I love Biology, Chemistry, and History, I like Kelly Clarkson’s songs, I love to sing too and last but not least, I love movies.”
"Oh, you like to sing too? What a coincidence! But why didn't you join the Music Club? "
"Oh, my father hates to see or hear me singing and he didn't give me the permission to join the Music Club. Instead, he asked me to join the Biology Club."
"What a pity. But I'm sure you can't resist singing right?"
"Yeah, I only sing when my father is not at home."She frowned.
"Well, you can always come to my house to sing. I have a Karaoke Set."I grinned.
"Really? Awesome! I'd love to!"
"Cool, you can just call me whenever you want to sing."
"How about today? Are you busy?"
"Hmmmm, not quite, but sure you can come to my house today."
"Okay! I'll let you know if I can't go to your house."She smiled.
After a while, the school bell rang, both of us stood up and went back to class. Before entering the class, she kissed me on my cheek, and she said, “Goodbye. Thanks for today. See you on Friday Night.”
That kiss changed everything in my life. It made me feel so high, like I’m in love. And instantly, I had a feeling that this would be the start of something new in my life. From now on, things will never be the same. And I know, that she will save me from this loneliness, and grief.

p/s : I'm sorry if there's anything wrong with this writing. Whether it is a grammatical error, or a spelling error, or whatever it is, please tell me. :)
Thanks !

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taylor Swift . ♥

Hi bloggers! So, yesterday I watched 2010 American Music Award and it was awesome until I can't get out of the chair! But I really hate Justin Bieber because he won all of his nominations on that night! Anyways, Taylor Swift was AMAZING, SUPERB, AWESOME, FABULOUS when she performed her latest single, Back To December! Well, maybe some of you missed her performance, but don't ever worry! Because I'll insert the video of her performance in this post! Prepare for the MAGNIFICENT, Miss Taylor Swift !


Sunday, November 21, 2010

I like you. ♥

so, there's this girl I knew from the camp held in Mamutik Island, she's cute and so adorable. frankly, I have feelings for her. but I don't know what kind of feeling this is. is it love? or is it just an attraction towards each other? I don't even know but still, I want to know it. well, I hope miracle will happen. and also, I hope I'll have the courage to tell her about my feeling towards her.

Too Lazy .

So, previously I did mention that I'm going to post about my experience on Mamutik Island. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to do so, because I don't think I could describe how much fun I had while I was there only using words. Well, maybe I could, but it would take days. I'm so sorry.
However, I will tell you 1 word to express how much fun I had. And the word is, AWESOME.
Okay, got to go now. Bye. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mamutik Island.. Here I Come !

I am so damn happy right now, because tomorrow, my friends(Yaseer, Hafiz, and some Upper 6 Students) and I will go to Mamutik Island. Well, you may think that there's no solid reason for us to go there, other than having fun. Frankly, you are absolutely wrong.

Okay, I have to admit, there are some FUN activities arranged for us such as, snorkeling and jungle trekking. But, the main reason we get there is, to learn about how to conserve the environment, and also, how to save our Mother Earth from dying.

Okay, enough about the reason. Now, I haven't start packing my things yet, I think I'll pack up my things after this post. Plus, I don't have the what-to-bring-list with me because Hafiz borrowed it from me, and he forgot to give it back to me. Thank God, I have his number and maybe I could text him or call him to get the list. Okay, tomorrow my friends and I will wait for my teacher in Jesselton Point. Then, the person in charge in this program will tell us something about this camp, and maybe about the safety measures while camping. Approximately, at 8:00 am we will depart from Kota Kinabalu. Oh, did I mention that our transportation is a boat? Haha, yup, we'll use a boat to get to the Mamutik Island.

Hmm, okay, I think I'm running out of time, so, I'll tell you how the camp was on Thursday night. Bye ! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My School SUCKS !

I am extremely pissed off right now. Literally. I feel like I want to scream and do a riot! You see, of course when you have a special occasion at your school such as, the last party you will, no, you are obliged to wear something fancy, and worth wearing. But, at my school, it's different. We were forced to wear the stiff school uniform! Gawd! In my opinion, it is indeed THE STUPIDEST idea in my entire life. Why on earth would anyone came up with such idea? I bet that person must be the most STUPID person on earth!

Okay, I made up my mind, I WILL NOT ATTEND THAT PARTY ! Yes, this is my final decision and I will not change it. I mean, what's the point? It would not be fun, instead, it will be so BORING, and DULL ! I would dare myself to bet with my friends that the surrounding and the atmosphere will not be the same like last year, where we can wear our fancy clothes and everything. Why do they do such thing to the students? This is like the worst aggravation ever! It's torturing and extremely excruciating! And I feel very sorry for my friend, who thought that this year's party would be Da'Bomb. However, it turns out that it would be the WORST party EVER.

Hmm, that's all for tonight's cursing. I'll continue cursing my school tomorrow. It's such a great thing to do. ahhh~
Goodnight. Sweet dreams, readers. :D