Friday, March 11, 2011

Update. :)

Hey there bloggers, it's been a very long while since I last updated my blog. First of all, you can ignore the poster above. Recently, I was transferred to a boarding school or to be specific, Maktab Rendah Sains MARA located in Kinarut. Despite the strict rules, MRSM is such an interesting and awesome school and it is indeed the most suitable school for youths with brilliant and excellent exam results, or should I say straight A's students? And for those who wants to enter this brilliant school, you must at least get 4A's 1B in your UPSR examination, while for the 15 year olds, you will have to get at least 5A's 3B in your PMR examination. Oh, and you MUST get an A in your English, Mathematics and Science.

I was in that marvelous school for 2 weeks last week and all that I could say now is, I kinda miss that school even though the strict rules were making me mad. When I arrived home last Friday, I went straight to my bedroom and took the weight scale to obtain my latest weight. Surprisingly, I lost 3Kg and I was extremely happy with that and a little bit mystified. I mean, how can I lose big numbers if I didn't do any physical activities during my 2 weeks of being in that BIG school? Was it because of the stairs? I don't even know. But, I was very excited and happy with my achievement. I hope that I could slim down before this coming June.

Hmmm... The mid-term holidays are going on for a week. I really hope that boredom wouldn't strike me while I'm 'enjoying' my holidays. And I really hoped that some of my friends would want to invite me to do a sleepover or a movie day rather than just staying at home without doing anything useful instead of doing something reckless. Oh, and I really want to watch the latest movie called Red Riding Hood. From the look of the poster, I have a feeling that this is a brilliant and superb movie to be watched by all ages. For that, I'll leave you a poster and a trailer of the movie. Goodbye and Goodnight my dear readers. :) XOXO.

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