Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello people.

It has been weeks since I last posted any entries and it was all because of procrastination.

So it is now 3:53 am in the morning and I just woke up because of a bad dream. That bad dream left me wide awake and now I am unable to go back to sleep. While I'm wide awake, I've been thinking of how happy I would be if there's someone in my life who cares for me just like how my parents do. Instantly I speak to myself that I would be happier than I am in present. But sadly enough, I don't have anybody else who cares for me just like how my parents do. All I have is my parents.

It's not like I'm being ungrateful or what, but I somehow feel envy of few of my friends who can get someone to love them besides from their own parent. And this thought somehow left me feeling lonely. Yes. I am feeling lonely in the middle of the night. I bet those who has girlfriends/boyfriends can easily call their partners to calm them down at times like these. While you guys enjoy your sweet talks with your partners, here I am still feeling lonely and isolated.

I once feel so loved and cared by someone and it felt so good thoroughly. However, that was last time. Now, when I even tried to reach out to that person, I don't get any reply. It's like I'm forgotten and stoned. The fact that I miss the person who used to care and love me is really bugging me and sometimes I feel so aggravated just for the sake of this terrible fondness.

Until now, I am still feeling lonely and isolated and forgotten. I hope someday my luck will change and happiness will kick in to my life.

Goodnight. :)

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