Saturday, March 20, 2010


These are the casts of my All-Time Favorite Movie !

Zac Efron/ Troy Bolton

Vanessa Hudgens/ Gabriella Montez

Ashley Tisdale/ Sharpay Evans

When I watched their first movie High School Musical 1, there was some kind of an attraction that made me love them. At first, Troy was the one who holds the fate of his alumni in the basketball game while Gabriella was the bookworm and Sharpay was the diva. One night, in the new year's party near town, was the first place where they meet when they sang the "Start Of Something New" song together unanimously. Because they were chosen by the DJ to sing a song on the stage. Both of them hesitated to sing, but as time passed by, they began to cope with the mood of the song and began to look in each others eyes and found the friendship synchronization among the two of them.

You can search for the story later. All I want to say that 3 of them are HOT!.
especially Ashley and Zac!. ~

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