Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am So Stressed Out!

  Lately, I've been very active in school activities such as Public Speaking and Spell It Right. I'm not taking the Spell It Right thing as my number one priority. But the Public Speaking, I AM. I haven't memorized my speech yet, and my impromptu speech is extremely bad, the competition is on the 20th April 2010, and the conclusion is, I am not prepared. Plus, my parents asked me to do the Score A online learning, while I need the time to memorize my speech! And I almost forgot about my homework and assignments! Even last week's homework, I haven't done it yet! This is all your fault Score A! I hate you very much! Because of you, my life is miserable. All the things that I SHOULD do FIRST, was all turned upside down! My schoolwork were the LAST, and the Score A was the FIRST! Ugh. I'm so mystified because, I didn't say anything to my parents about this, and suddenly they registered me up so that they never have to pay anything for my tuition. I was just about to start study my own way, but then, the shit came up and terrorized my life!
  When I asked my father why he had to register me up for this thing, he said that it's for my own good. Well, actually, I DON'T see anything good happened to me. I don't think that this thing is helping me. But, I have a feeling that this thing is ruining my life! I hope that I could just erase this matter from my father's head and let me focus on my studies rather than using the computer for an hour and terrorizing my eyes. Okay, I think that's all for today's expressions. I am looking forward to see you later if I have something bashful and anything that's connected to the word STUPIDITY to be post. Goodnight folks!

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