Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mamutik Island.. Here I Come !

I am so damn happy right now, because tomorrow, my friends(Yaseer, Hafiz, and some Upper 6 Students) and I will go to Mamutik Island. Well, you may think that there's no solid reason for us to go there, other than having fun. Frankly, you are absolutely wrong.

Okay, I have to admit, there are some FUN activities arranged for us such as, snorkeling and jungle trekking. But, the main reason we get there is, to learn about how to conserve the environment, and also, how to save our Mother Earth from dying.

Okay, enough about the reason. Now, I haven't start packing my things yet, I think I'll pack up my things after this post. Plus, I don't have the what-to-bring-list with me because Hafiz borrowed it from me, and he forgot to give it back to me. Thank God, I have his number and maybe I could text him or call him to get the list. Okay, tomorrow my friends and I will wait for my teacher in Jesselton Point. Then, the person in charge in this program will tell us something about this camp, and maybe about the safety measures while camping. Approximately, at 8:00 am we will depart from Kota Kinabalu. Oh, did I mention that our transportation is a boat? Haha, yup, we'll use a boat to get to the Mamutik Island.

Hmm, okay, I think I'm running out of time, so, I'll tell you how the camp was on Thursday night. Bye ! Wish me luck!

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