Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best Friend Forever.

On 13th January 2011, something very saddening happened. My Best Friend Forever moved into a new school. And that means, new friends, new learning environment, everything new. I still remember last time when both of us were discussing about our future. We decided to not to move anywhere. And, it turned out that, he broke the promise and left me alone in that petty school. But, I will never get mad with him because I think that's the best choice for him, and I think I should let him go for good.

Last morning, before he went home, he did something very sweet and very thoughtful to me. He hugged me for the first time in my entire life! Then, my friends were like, very shocked and one of my friends said "Sweetnya!". Although he didn't say anything before he go, the hug was enough for me. Huh, I am crying now. Literally.

3 years of being his Best Friend Forever was extremely fun and cool. We laughed, shared problems, and did so many things together. I just can't forget him that easy. He is the greatest, kindest, happiest, blithesome, cheerful, and gleeful person and best friend I have ever had. :)

I will always be your best friend FOREVER. :)


  1. saya sebagai kakak bestfriend anda amat terharu membaca entri ini. terima kasih kerana menyayangi adik saya :)

  2. doress : sweet? camna kw bole rasa tu dor? haha. :P