Saturday, April 23, 2011

Minggu Bahasa Zon Barat 2011 : Glorious Victory.

Hello again dear bloggers! I am so sorry for not updating my blog for a very long time indeed. So, on 16th of April 2011 until 19th of April 2011, my friends and I went to Negeri Sembilan for the Language Week. And guess what? My drama team brought glorious victory back to Sabah. And not to be forgotten, to my unfortunate friends, don't be sad for your loss in the competition, there's always a next time. :)
And FYI, I was awarded the Best Actor! That was definitely the highlight of my year as a 16teen year old boy. I never thought that I would ever be awarded such an award on such a lovely day. Also, on that very day, I found someone whom I thought would make me happy for the rest of my life. I am very sure that she is the right person. But, I can't set high hopes because anything can happen.
All in all, it was such a GREAT experience. And for a newcomer like me, being awarded the Best Actor is indeed the best thing that has ever happened in my entire life as an MRSM-ian.
Well, I guess that's all for tonight. goodbye and goodnight peeps. :)
Roger and Out.


  1. Congrats dear! :) btw followed, got your link from sbu :)

  2. thank you very much . :))
    btw, i followed u too.