Thursday, August 25, 2011

BVLGARI. The new of me.

HELLO readers. :)

So, I just got back from shopping for this upcoming festive season and I feel extremely tired. Although I didn't buy that much but the walking and looking was indeed tiring enough for my body to handle. For this year's raya, I don't feel like buying so much as I don't have the passion to celebrate the day. Unlike last year, I still had a little bit of the passion for raya but this year, the feeling had gone totally.

During my shopping hours, I was very lucky because my parents paid for me and I got a BVLGARI perfume for FREE! I was totally excited and over the moon when the cashier said that I could pick any one of the perfumes available in the store. There were too many to be chosen but thought after thought, I finally chose the BVLGARI : AQVA POUR HOMME. This is my first time having a BVLGARI as my very own fragrance. :)

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And, with this new parfum, I am proud to call myself as the new me. Somehow, this fragrance had made me a new person internally and vice versa. The design of the bottle is so unique and the smell of the fragrance is shockingly awesome and addictive. I am on the edge with my fragrance. :)

This is the new of me. :)

_Peace our home dawg_

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