Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ain't Got No Money In My Pocket.

Good day to all of you gorgeous Popsicles. :)

I've been very unproductive lately. I have no money in my pocket, and my life is a total mess these days. I told my dad that I wanted a driving license, and he said no. It was kind of predictable because with the increase on the cost of a driving license, my parents couldn't afford it. Instead, I was told to find money and pay all the fees all by myself. That caught me off guard. I seriously didn't see that coming.

Since then I thought of getting a job. Not just any kind of job. I want a job with a good pay so that I don't have to work any longer than 2 months. I wish my 2 months of salary can pay all the fees of my driving license. BUT, THAT IS JUST A WISH THAT'S NEVER GOING TO COME TRUE. You wanna know why? Because, I'm such a lazybutt, and I don't enjoy most of the works that are in vacant for any SPM leavers.

I thought harder and finally, I came up with this one brilliant idea which is, to sell CUPCAKES, MUFFINS, AND CAKES. I mean, instead of working for someone, why don't I just work for myself and enjoy? That would be less frustrating and less troubling. But there's only 1 problem and that is, I don't have quite enough money to buy the ingridients all by myself. So I'm thinking of borrowing my parent's money, and I'll pay them later when I've got some profits from my business. I guess they would be okay with my idea. No, I hope they would be okay with my idea of selling cakes. :)

About my field of customers, I'm gonna try to sell it to my juniors at my old secondary school and I'm going to get some help from my little sister in promoting my business among her fellow friends. I'm pretty sure that my plan is going to succeed eventually. I've got the knowledge of making good cakes, and I've got some good flavors that's going to make people go loco and hyped up!

Just in case you have any suggestions about what flavor should I be selling, you can tell me in the comment box below. :)

I hope you guys will support me in this! Thank You for reading, Good Night. :)

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