Tuesday, January 22, 2013


One day you were by my side. Smiling like an idiot. Dancing crazily with a cap on your head. Your height was my only cover from the sunlight. Getting bored of dancing alone, you took my hand and I danced along with you. There was no music though just you humming Olly Murs' song Heart Skips A Beat. Just for once, all of my sorrow was swept away. I was indeed very happy whenever you're with me. I never really thought about you leaving me. All I did think of was eternal happiness.

One day you just disappeared into the darkness and left me grieving. You left me nothing but memories. My heart shattered into millions of tiny and discrete pieces. I was devastated. Nothing could cure the pain you've caused. Everything seems to fall apart and crumble. Revolving doors stopped swinging. Birds stopped chirping. People stopped talking. Music stopped playing. Nothing is how it was back when we were still together. Echoes of your voice is fading away.

Today would be the 30th day of your ignorance towards me. Every morning I wake up, the first thing I do is to check my inbox for any of your messages. But nothing was there except for your old and dusty messages. You used to be my greatest thing, but now you're just a memory to let go of. I swear, the way we say our goodbye is not the way anyone in the world would ever do. Who knew that through ignorance, a strong relationship could fade away and break apart just like that. It's like with the flick of a thumb, our bridge is completely burnt without any chances of it to be stopped.

Like the waves in the ocean, I will always come back for you whenever you are in need of me. I know you probably won't ever come back but I just wish that you would. I've been secretly mourning for a very long time now. I just couldn't stop thinking about the reason you are doing this to me. What did I do wrong? Why did you have to leave me forsaken after all that we've been through together. I'm not being motherly or fatherly, but I just want to know WHY?

I hope you'd still remember about that gift I gave you  last time right after you went home. It is okay if you want to clear any memories about me inside your head. I don't think it's too much to ask for. Perhaps that is what you wanted all this while? You can take what's yours and I will take what's mine. But must we go there? It doesn't have to be this hard. All you need to do is to clear things with me. We don't have to take it this far. If you really value our relationship, pick up the phone and text me or just leave me a voice message. I just want things to be the way it suppose to be. Not the opposite. Love makes life look hard.

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