Tuesday, June 3, 2014

never like in the movies.

Because of my heavy procrastination, I am now in rusty and dusty state of mind. I can't really think fast and how to construct a good post. I'm getting really slow nowadays. And for that, I might have to write everyday so that my I can get back to my optimal 'brain-speed' (if that's even a word). 

I've seen too many movies that at some point in my life, I pretend like I'm in a movie. Not in those happy movies, but more to the sad ones. Usually in movies, they made it somehow a whole lot easier to find love and to keep love until eternity. I mean like two strangers bumped into each other and coffee spilled on both of them. Then both of them got really mad because at the same time they were late for work. After a few minutes in the movie, voila, they fell in love! From being mad towards each other, they suddenly got rid of the anger and fell in love with one another! And the next thing you know, they decided to get married! Don't you see it yet? How easy it is to find love in movies? 

However, if you wake up and open your eyes and come back to reality, it is NEVER THAT EASY! You get to go through loads kinds of problems and obstacles and dilemmas and complications and misunderstandings and many more to come! Can't you see that it ain't always the same as it is in the theaters? Hahh. That's why I kinda regret of watching too many movies and to believe in everything that I watch. At the end of the day, all of it were just lies and dishonesty. It's definitely hard to find love and to help it to remain as long as possible. I don't wanna talk more of this because this will just be my next never ending rants. 

Thanks for reading! 

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