Monday, June 9, 2014


another 2 more weeks to go before my technical training takes place. these hours and seconds left really needed to be spent wisely. balancing between family and friends is definitely ain't easy. for sometimes I prefer to be with my friends rather than with my family and vice versa. 

I'm really sad for the fact that I may not be going back to Sabah during this upcoming Hari Raya celebration because of the expensive and all time hiking flight ticket price. It kills me slowly everyday for I can't imagine how will I stand not celebrating Hari Raya with my loved ones. and perhaps I should avoid scrolling through my instagram feeds because I'm pretty sure that people will upload pictures of them enjoying their Hari Raya celebration next to their loved ones and I'm also really sure that I'll get jealous. 

currently waiting for my allowance to be banked in to my account. my friends say we should get the allowance by this week but I don/t really think that way though. hmm I seriously need money. 


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