Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'09 Memoirs....

17th January- Met someone new.
21st January- Wished her Happy Birthday (Late wish).
7th March- Started a relationship with my someone new. (Yipee!!).
- Won the Nasyid Competition (Yahoo!!).
27th March- First Date, went to the cinema and watched 'Sayang You Can Dance'
5th June- Mom's Birthday!! Gave her my best result and a hug...hehe..(fondest moment)
6th June- Brother's birthday!! Gave him NOTHING....hahaha..
19th July- Participated the Spell It Right Challenge, but unfortunately didn't won I misspelled the word -Rickety- but I spelled -Rickity-!! (Quite Happy)
7th July- BFF Anniversary!! Me n Khairul Akmal..(I Forgot!)
25th August- My beloved Teacher's Birthday!! Teacher Sinorita!!..I gave her present..hehe..
3rd September- Best friend Birthday!! Gave her present also..hehehe..Her name is Azyan.
12th September- Sister's Birthday!!..Gave her nothing...
28th September- My Birthday!!..Azyan gave me an adorable bottle!!...heehehe...
13th October- Dad's Birthday!!..Gave him nothing but a meaningful wish.=)
18th November- Spending the last moments in school. And do lots of crazy stuffs.!haha..
19th December- Family day!! It was absolutely, extremely, FUN!!...That was held at
23rd December- Wrote this post..hehe....


  1. oi !
    slh date la kw .
    07 july bh .
    hahahaa .

  2. ahaha...iyaa kann?...lupa aq mau tukarr..hahahha...sorry...