Monday, November 28, 2011

Me, Myself and I.

Hello my dear bloggers.

The holidays has begun and likewise, I'll be staying at home with my other siblings. Today my siblings went back to our 'kampong' or to be exact, our village. Since I was home alone, I played with my DSLR and had so much fun editing my pictures. So, the results are below:

Edited. :3

Fake smiles helped me a lot. 

I am who I am, you can't change the way I am. 

Small eyes, wide forehead. Yeap. That's me.

Smile. :)

Waiting Outside The Line. #1

Waiting Outside The Line. #2
There you have it. a compilation of my pictures. Perhaps after this, I'll try to indulge my self into photography because it's kind of awesome. Plus, it's the widest and biggest trend in the whole world. Who wouldn't want to do it right? Unless you don't own any DSLR or Camera. But, it's okay, maybe you should indulge into something different. Anyway, if you have any comments towards my pictures above, you can comment it in the comment form. :) 

Happy Holidays. XOXO

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