Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hello people.

today is my 2nd day of my so called study week which frankly I haven't done any revisions at all. life's been tougher nowadays with the upcoming final exam, unexpected pubertal mood swings, heart breaks and most of all, the sucky feeling of 'homesick'. ugh I really dont know why is it always towards the end of the semester that I started to get all these problems. I need someone or something to help me get out of this mess and to help me to get this pain off my chest.

my original plan for today was to study and revise at least one out of 8 subjects but I am just too lazy to read literally anything. I just wanna be comforted by my dearly blanket, good internet connection and a nice cup of hot coffee (gosh how I miss hanging out in Starbucks with my good friends in KK).

lately I always have the need and ultimate desire to stay in bed. even though I don't feel like sleeping or whatever, I solely fancy to be on my bed, under my blanket all the time if I can. maybe I have this clinomania thingy going on. jeez. okay so it is starting to drizzle as we speak, I guess I'm going to go wrap myself like a burrito using my fluffy bedspread and drown into a deep sleep.

goodnight earthlings.

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