Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hello again everybody.

Life has been very stressful nowadays because there's just too much to be handled. Feelings, studies, final exam, homesickness, financial problems and ugh you name it I kinda have all kinds of problems. I've never been as stressful as this in my entire 19 years of living, until the extent that I feel like all of this is just too much. So I just gotta find a solution to untangle every emotions, confusions, and unanswered questions in my whole existence.

At first, I tried ignoring all the problems that I'm facing and focus on what my true purpose of coming to college is. It didn't work out but I'm pretty sure it was worth a try though. Then I decided to take things more seriously and be slightly uptight to myself like for example, if I don't cure my procrastinating syndrome, will I ever get anything done on time or not? Frankly, it kinda worked for me but it lasted only for a few hours before I found myself lying on the floor beneath the ceiling fan trying to cool off the heat I had inside of me.

So one day while I was busy scrolling through twitter, I saw something that really make sense and catches my attention. I finally came to a conclusion; "pick yourself up and face the reality". Goddamit, for a second I thought that I was the most clever human being in the world. I mean like nothing makes more sense than the quote. Instead of letting myself lie on the ground to decay slowly, why don't I stand up and kick this crazy nuisance out of my life? That would be like the best thing to do to an 'almost-murderer' right? Hahahaha.

It has been 3 days already since I last wrap myself in my blanket and drain tears from my eyes. Obviously this method of holding on to a quote somehow is extremely helpful. Therefore, I officially denounce myself in a recovery phase.

goodnight earthlings. xoxo

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