Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Moon is Great!..

Hi, I just finished reading New Moon. It was GREAT and very impressive! Each of the words and the sentences meant something. There's a phase of the story which really affects me while I'm reading the book. I can feel the sadness and the happiness of the story. This was the first English novel that made me cry on certain part of the story, like I've said before,' I can feel the sadness and the happiness of the story'.
My tears dropped slowly through my cheek. I didn't realized it when my tears came dropping , I thought it was a fly flying across my face while I was in to the story. When I came to a new chapter, then I realized that it was my tears. As I continued, it got really romantic and then adventurous then filled with action, lastly, sadness and suspend.....

After I finished reading the novel, I was very anxious to know what will Bella turns in the next volume. In New Moon, she said that she's gonna turn into a vampire. But it didn't showed whether she turned into a vampire or not.. If anyone knows...Please tell me... I need to know it...

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