Friday, February 26, 2010

You And Me....Gone.

You were once the apple of my eye but now, you're the most disgraceful thing that I had ever seen, love and hold in my entire life. I don't know what did I do wrong. You thought that loving you was a waste? You thought that having you in my life is like sleeping with pigs all night long? For me, you were the best thing that I've ever had in my life, instead of pigs. You told me that you LOVE me, but how could you betray me? Aren't there any other ways that you could do to tell me that you don't love me anymore?
I didn't knew that you were this callous to someone you loved. I thought that you were the congenial-type of girl, but it turns out that you were not. For your information girl, everywhere I'm looking now, I'm bounded with your love. I can't feel anything when I'm with you except for the passion of loving you. But now all of that has gone. I can't bear looking at you adoring your new guy. At the same time, I have to be pretend that I'm happy for you, but actually deep inside of my heart, I hate watching you be stuck on him. So, when you need me back, I'll say no. And don't waste your fiction tears on me, just save it for someone in there, it's way too late I'm closing the door.
It's alright, it's okay, I'm so much better without you, I won't be sorry. So from right now, don't you bother what I do. And no matter you say, I won't return cause our bridge has burnt down. Maybe I should now from the beginning that your love was nothing but a game. GOODBYE
Ms. R ...

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