Saturday, February 13, 2010

♥A Secret Crush.♥

This girl is a simple girl....
She wears 'tudung', which I like about her.
She's pretty, and such an average girl.
I've had a crush on her for two years and I still can't find the right time to tell her...=(
I often go near her, and fortunately, she gave me a good respond. =)
I sat down to any bench near her, and in a blink of an eye, she was next to me..!
And she'll do something that will make me conscious about her presence.
Beside that, she would ask me if she can do a me a favor. But I always said 'no' coz , I don't want her to go away from my vision.
And also, she often say 'I Love You' at me in certain ways. Such as, in the calculator, in a piece of paper, and literally..
All I can do is reply her back... And I'm lovin it.!..

Next Week,
I'll try to talk to her and tell her bout this feeling that got me really obsessed with her.
Hopefully she'd say yes... xD
~Wish Me Luck!~


  1. oi !
    i am ur BFF !!!
    but y u nvr talk to me bout tht girl ?

  2. ummmm....I nver thought of telling you bout her yet..
    But, just wait...
    I'll tell you bout this umm....soon...