Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I miss My BFFL !

whoa, it's been two days, since my B.F.F.L. absent in school. without him, i can't tell my feelings about someone i like, i can't teach him what i know, can't gossip (sometimes), can't sing together, hmmm, can't tell u more in this limited space. we do almost everything together, except for going to the toilet, and other private matters. sometimes, i hate him, but that's that's the only thing that i'll remember, after his kindness. some people always talk bad things about him, they describe him in a very rude way. it's not like, they are perfect and flawless, in fact, they are the stupid ones! i may not tell him about this, but, if he found out about this, i'm so grateful, cause, he often say that i'm rude and not kind enough and also, he said that, i'm not caring. but, actually, in my deep heart's core, i do care about him. more than anything in my whole life, after my family and my girlfriend. sometimes, when people say bad things about him, i'll bring him away from that place and persons, so that, he's not hurt by them. but, sometimes, i feel that, we are like gay partners, cause we go everywhere together, but who cares? we're just friends, and not more than that. well, you may not know about the person i'm describing right now, but, you can search him in Facebook. just type "Ello Meowmeow", and add him up. =)
he's such a great friend. i'll never forget him.

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