Sunday, May 2, 2010

Restless Legs Syndrome.

   It's 4:50 am in the morning.. It's Sunday today.. And, I can't sleep.. Then, I turned on the computer and I searched on Insomnia.. I think I may have Insomnia.. But then, I passed through an info which tells me about Restless Legs Syndrome is also a cause for Insomnia.. I was shocked.. And, I read the article until the end.. Again, I was puzzled.. Because, I realized that I have this some kind of 'disease'.. The article said that, this matter is not a 'disease'.. But actually, it has something got to do with the way we sleep.. Huh... I am still shocked when I knew that I'm having Insomnia and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).. This is tough.. This is very tough.. How am I suppose to sleep?.. I can't sleep with my RLS condition.. Even now, I am feeling it.. It's bothering me.. God, help me..

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