Saturday, June 5, 2010


simplicity has made my day.
well, today, as usual, went to my grandmother's house cause its holiday and there'll be nobody at house or at school. I started my day off with a cup of coffee. haha. naah, I'm just joking. I started my day with waking up in the morning, and expecting something magical would happen to my day. I took my shower, and I went to my room and turned on the Wi-Fi device and online for a few minutes. Then, I went downstairs to get something to eat and sat down on the couch. as I heard my father's footsteps at the stairs, I finished my food and cleaned my hands then, I went inside the car to start up the car.

after a few minutes, I was in my grandmother's house, and I realized that, time flies so fast. there was nobody there, except for me, my uncle, my grandfather, and my grandmother. my uncle took off from house several minutes after I arrived. so now all that's left is the 3 of us. I was extremely bored as I got nothing to do, and I accidentally looked at the woods leftover from my school work a long time ago, and my mind suddenly have the urge to take the leftover woods, and make something from it. I took all of the things needed to build something from it, such as some nails, and other kinds of stuffs.

I went outside as I'm afraid that my grandfather would be awaken by the noise that I'll be making when making my 'project'. I started with thinking what shape will I do and what will it do good to me and the rest of my family. wow.. it took me half an hour to think about a shape and the structure of my model. finally, my mind has made its decision, and I'm building something kinda cool and weird at the same time. well, I think I don't have to tell you about what happened to my model. but, I'll give you a clue. its hideous. that's the only clue that I could give you peeps. after that, I went back into the house and thinking about what could I do.

after a while, I figured out what I could do that time. my mind was just perfect! I took the ribbon leftover inside the leftover things box. then, I used up the remaining woods which is long, and I tied the ribbon onto the long wood, and I played gymnastic artistic kinda game. after an hour of playing the stupid thing, I went inside the house and I had my lunch as I am extremely hungry that moment. well, in the evening, I didn't do anything, except for taking my bath, and fetched my younger sister from school.
okay, that's all for yesterday's story. bye. Goodnight peeps. =)

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