Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You are so mean.

I admire, like, adore and care about this person. He's kinda my best cousin, cause we often share thoughts and ideas about something, we shared our secrets, and we also sometimes do something together, and last but not least we have the same leisure pursuit. We once promised to ourselves to not to have secrets between us, never do something bad towards each other, and live a life without any hatred between the both of us.
Recently, he blocked me from viewing his wall in his Facebook profile. I asked him why did he blocked me, and he said, " Only I can view my wall " . After he answered my question, I was a little bit calmed down. But just now, I viewed his profile through my brother's Facebook profile, and I could see his wall. But when I tried to view his wall through my Facebook profile, I can't. I was very disappointed after I knew that he lied to me about it.
And now, I'm wondering whether I should ask him again why did he blocked me from his Facebook profile and tell him that he lied to me, or just let him be? This is very depressing and it made me feel like I want to break my cousin-relationship with him. I know this may sound awkward to you, but if you put yourself in my shoes, you'll know what kind of feeling I'm
feeling right now. I am so sad, and depressed.

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