Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photography ?

Firstly, let me give you the definition of the word ' Photography '. Photography means, 'The art or process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces'. Lately, 1/4 of my friends were indulging themselves into photography. Sometimes, it makes me wonder, why in the world would they want to do photography? As a hobby? As a form of relaxation? I don't really know why, but there's one thing I know about Photography. Which is, taking pictures of a perfect scene and getting rid of boredom. And for your information, I tried this and all that I did was wasting my precious time, although some of the pictures that I took was fantastic, but still I can't seem to accept Photography in my daily life. And, actually I have a DSLR camera, which I don't seem to use often.
Well, I have a friend named Aniq, and he really loves photography. He made photography as his way of life, which is awesome.He was the first to introduce photography to some of my friends. And he often brings camera to school and taking pictures of the students, which sometimes annoy me. But, there's something weird about him, which is, he always screams loudly in class although there's a teacher in the class! And secondly, he take things slowly and easy which I admire.
Then, the second person to follow Aniq's style was my friend named Zarif. He's been quite a good friend with Aniq lately this year.I don't know why and how did they become close, cause I don't mind about them. I mind mine own business. Zarif shocked me, cause, in all of a sudden he brings a camera to school and sometimes do photography with Aniq.
Frankly, after a few months after Aniq introduced photography to everyone, the numbers of cameramen were getting bigger and never stop growing. I was extremely astonished with this thing around me. Maybe in a few years from now, the next generation of my school would be the weirdest among all. And this school would be called, ' The Camera School ' . Isn't it cool ? huh.
Well, okay that's all fro today and hope we'll meet again. Goodbye.


  1. haha.. ko tau kaa aq sdg mengutuk ko? hahaha.. =P

  2. erm.. i Think pipel jadikan Photography as their hobby coz.. dowank xda keja bh tu.. ahha.. lgpun they wnt smthing new... smthing yg nice.. n also.. photography cn release tension.. fr me la.. hehe..
    pik. jan la bh ko annoy.. haha.. ska aty dowank la bh mo wat pa.. :p, trasa nie aq ckit2.. hahahahahhahahahha...kow x ska coz kow x pndai take pic yg nice kaly cm aniq.. wahahaha(jahat ney), tu la ko not interested with photography, jan amek aty.(teda niat yg len selain memberi kumin)
    Last but not least !!!!!!
    family aq pun ada yg jd photographer