Saturday, July 17, 2010

Somebody To Love.

Lately, I've been craving to have a girl by my side. I don't know why, but I guess I really need to start to find someone new. Put yourself in my shoes, then you'll know what I'm feeling right now.

My latest breakup was very heartbreaking, for she was the most wonderful girl in the whole world. Nothing can change what she meant to me. She's the only one that I want, nobody else in this world. A long time ago, I always insult the people with girlfriends / boyfriends at my school. Maybe, that time, I wasn't matured enough to know the true meaning of love. But now, when I knew it, it's like my world is meaningless without my girlfriend by my side.

She's the apple of my eye, and when we met, my heart bumps furiously. She was my first love, and some people said that ' First ones are always the hardest. ' At first, I didn't believe that its hard to forget the first ones, but when I broke up with my ex recently, it was ultra-heartbreaking. I felt so lonely, with no one to hold on to. Every night, I think about her most of the time. Sometimes, I can't seem to sleep and when I looked back at her picture, then I could sleep.

For me, losing her is the last thing that I wish could happen. Although she told me to wait for another 3 months, Its like I can't wait much longer. I'm tired of waiting all my life to fall in love with a girl like her. I'll Love her no matter what'll happen in the future. May God will always bless the both of us.

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