Saturday, August 21, 2010

Plans for today .

Well, hello there once again readers to my adorable readers! Its Sunday, and its time for leisure! Yippee!
As I woke up today, after I ate my 'Sahur', I was extremely enthusiastic about doing some photography sessions today with some of my 'models' a.k.a. my sister, and cousins. They have always been my models since I started to be active in photography, especially my lovely sister. She's so inspirational to me. Every time I take a picture of her, her personality shines like a bright sunlight, and its impossible to endure the excitement and enthusiasm of taking some snaps of her.

Okay, enough with the stories of my sister! As I indicated, today I will be doing some photography sessions with my 'models'. I was wondering, where should I meet them? When should I meet them? Well, after a few minute of thinking, I finally found the answer! Luckily, today, my parents organized a family break fasting at my grandmother's house, and all of my cousins were invited to make it happier. For a minute, I felt a glimpse of excitement and enthusiasm. But then, something bothered me, and the 'thing' was, HOMEWORKS! In all of a sudden, I felt like, my day would be crushed into pieces, and my plans for my Sunday, would vanish in a blink of an eye. I kept a positive thought, and think about it. Maybe, this time, I'll divide my time for homeworks and leisure. Huh, truthfully, I suck in dividing my time to do some things in a day. Hmmm, it'll not be as bad as it could be. Perhaps, I can do my homeworks at night, and have fun in the morning, like my teacher said, "Don't get too stressed out because of homeworks or studies, have some fun."

Well, okay that's all for My Sunday. Wish me luck for today! =)
Thanks for reading !

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