Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Exam Result Sucks .

I received 8 of my exam results this week, and it was a little bit, building, but at the same time, disappointing. Well, I'll tell you what my result looks like, :
Bahasa Melayu : 77 % ( B )
Science : 75 % ( B )
Geography : 65 % ( C )
Mathematics : 63 % ( C )
Pendidikan Agama Islam : 59 % ( C )
Sejarah : 58 % ( C )
Kemahiran Hidup : 53 % ( D )
Bahasa Arab : 51 % ( D )

Okay, there you have it. Now, as you can see, if you read my post about my First Term exam (Click Here), I made so much improvements and yet, some of my marks are so unacceptable. You may realize that there is something yet somehow missing in action. I didn't insert my English marks, because I haven't received it yet. But, I can tell you that, I got 37 /40 for my paper 1 , and for my paper 2, I don't know yet. For your information, I'm hoping that I could get an A in my English, because that's the only thing that I'm "Good" at.

And just now, my father asked me about my this, and I was extremely anxious about telling him what did I get. But eventually, I found the will to tell my father about my results, and it turns out that I was scolded harshly, and he told me to turn off the computer, and open some pages, instead of typing something that would make my life miserable. I am very disappointed in my Kemahiran Hidup's marks. Last time, I got 63 % , and now, it fell right into the hole of DOOM. As for my Bahasa Arab, I somehow expected that I was going to get that marks, because it is absolutely difficult to be answered! Plus, the Ministry Of Bahasa Arab Malaysia, had published a new format for the paper, and after 2 years of learning and training about the previous format, it somehow turned into ashes. (sobs..)

Well, I guess that's all, and to you readers, PLEASE pray for my success in PMR this coming October ! If you did, thanks , I really appreciate it.

Good Night ! ♥


  1. Hole Of DOOM..?
    And insyaallah :)
    Good luck for your PMR lil Bro~!

  2. haha , yeap . thanks . =)
    u too, Good Luck 4 ur Exam . =)

  3. salam.. hi there sabahan blogger.. ^^

    well syafiq, don't be too upset bout ur results.. frankly, if I'm in ur shoes right now, yup, I'll be unhappy too.. but that's what we called as a test.. perhaps this tym Allah has given u a string of what-we-called-as-not-so-flying-colors-results, but then if u try hard now and really2 put ur commitments on those subjects, u'll get something unexpected at the end.. cheer up! n work harder k.. I did feel what u feel before.. hahah.. ody done wif my PMR.. :P bah, gudluk! p/s- nnt kalo free2, visit la blog aku.. hehehe..

  4. Mohd Ikhwan - oh hi there . =)

    ummm, frankly, I totally agree with your statement. I'll put more devotion into my exam next time .. well, thanks for the advice.. really appreciate it . =)
    n ummm, i ody followed ur blog . hehe ..