Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Fresh New Start .

That's it, I decided to move on with my life, and get over you. I deleted your messages, your pictures, and most of all, memories about you in my cute little brain. Yeah, I know that this is kinda rough but it's the best for us. And it's very agonizing to pretend that I don't like you every time we meet plus, I really hate that agonizing feeling. In fact, there's no use waiting for you anymore. I've wasted so much of my time waiting for you, and I regret waiting for you. Actually, on the day you said you'll wait for me, my heart said that you'll not wait for me. But I ignored that stupid feelings, and continued waiting for you. Everyday I wish that time will pass by quicker than today, because I can't wait to get back with you again. And eventually, my heart is right, you didn't wait for me. Instead, you find another guy and get together with him, and finally broke my heart. But, like I said, I'm okay, so don't worry about me anymore cause you have someone else that you have to be worrying about.

I knew that someday, this day will eventually come. The day where sadness and grief will take over my heart and soul, while you are happy with your new boy friend. The day where I will avoid seeing you and make less contact with you. The day when there's no more messages from you. And lastly, the day when I envy you for your love and happiness with that guy.

Well, from now on, I will start a new life without you in my life. I hope that with this initiative, I could forget you or even better, erase your from my life. In fact, there's no use keeping someone like you in my life. huh.

Okay, that's it for today, I'm getting tired and weary right now. Goodbye bloggers and my dear readers! :)
Take care and May God Bless All Of You .

SyafiQ. ♥

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