Saturday, February 2, 2013


   Hello bloggers! It has been a while since I last posted an entry in my simple blog. If you read my previous entry, I stated that I was mourning for the sake of what I call a 'bitch'. I know it was useless for being sad over someone who doesn't actually loves you, but that's what I've learnt from my mistake. The fact that I was ignored by my crush has got the best of me and left me devastated. But thankfully, I've grown stronger than before and I will surely pursue my life even though nobody wants to love me except for God, my family and my friends. They are the reason why I survived from a period loneliness. I realized that nothing can stop me from continuing my life.

   January had left me devastated and helpless. I thought that I'll never get up after being knocked down by the challenges in life. But I was definitely wrong. I stood up to them and got stronger day by day. Everyday I hope and pray that my life would be better and thankfully it did. Now that I got through the down side of life, I wish after this I'll get the chance to be happy again. I've missed the happy days back then when you were by my side. But this time, I want to be happy only by myself. Without anyone but me. Maybe then, I'll finally understand the state of happiness of being single.

   I wish February would show me the light and get me back on track. There's no use of crying over spilled milk. What I can do now is to improvise and try my best to redeem myself. I'm looking forward to sing in the rain without any hesitation and worries. I will achieve that glorious day and just get done with it forever. What I need is a little motivation and support either from my family or friends or God. I am so ready to face my next challenges in life. One thing for sure, I will never fail myself to achieve what I've always wanted.

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