Saturday, February 9, 2013

Greyson Chance - Sunshine & City Lights.

Hello blogger! Tonight I'm going to write a review on Greyson Chance's latest single entitled Sunshine & City Lights. I hope all of you would agree to my review. Wait, I guess you should agree or at least accept this review. After all, this is MY opinion anyway? :P

First of all, without any doubt his voice is awesome and unique. There are not many of male artists who can sing like how Greyson did. And that is a fact! Although his voice is kind of deep and sometimes can be too big or loud, it doesn't really matters. What matters the most is that he can sing.

Moving on, the lyric of the song is quite clear and not too blurry. I mean, the lyric of the song kind of clearly stated what is the true meaning of the song. For example, the phrase "What you need to find, is someone who will never let you go." obviously indicates that Greyson wanted the girl that he likes, to find someone who will never break up with her. So what I'm trying to say here is that the lyrics to this song is very straight forward and can be understood easily.

Next, the music video is not that excellent but it's not that bad as well. I mean, 2 teenagers sneaking out at night for a date? Can that set a good example to the under aged kids who watched the video? I am very sure it is not. Sneaking out of house at night just to go on a date with your beloved one while you are still 16 is not a good manner. Going out into the city at night just to have fun with your partner is not a good thing either. I'm not being complacent towards Greyson or what, but he should've at least think of his viewers and think about other people's thoughts. But overall it was an okay music video. Wait, no it wasn't just an okay music video. It is just perfect without any futile additional matters.

Just in case you haven't watch the music video, I've inserted the video up there just for your convenience. I hope you guys will visit my blog for more of mediocre stuffs. That's all I can say for today. Thanks for viewing!

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