Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kawan lah sangat. PHUCK YOU!

Okay today's post will be in Bahasa Rojak. I'm so pissed of right now. bukan sebab apa tapi sebab kawan sendiri. haritu bukan main lagi kau baaaa. forever la sangat kann. doigiiahhh. i knew from the starting lg kau memang ada feeling jealous bah sama saya. sampai kau pandai2 cakap orang2 d sana benci saya? whhoooopsss, kau memang suda offside brabis ah. kau nda tau ba cmna kehidupan saya di sana. kau main cakap ja kan? dari dulu lagi ak tahan ba niii kemarahan sama kau. tp nda tau lah cmna ble meletop ni all of a sudden.

i guees you are the type of friend who will only come to me when you are in need of help. not the kind of friend who will stay with me through the ups and downs of life. bila kau sedih and down haritu, punya lah main sial gaya kau. pleading lah sangat. baik ak nda paya kenal kau at the first place. seriously, I regret. I regret of everything! just wait and see for my revenge. just so you know, my revenge is not the mediocre ones. im about to give you the most severe vengeance of all time. i will spread bad things about you. i dont care about karma. this is between me and you. i've had enough of you. you never have thought about me. ever. all you want to talk about is about yourself. ONLY ABOUT YOURSELF. stop being so plastic and illogical. im done being your friend. thanks but no thanks. :)


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