Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PMR Result !

Oh my ... Tomorrow will be the best day of my life, or it could be the worst day in my entire life, cause tomorrow, my PMR result will be revealed! I am quite nervous right now, but whatever happens, I will accept my result. There is no use to regret because I know I did my best. And I gave my all while I was answering the Questions.

Previously, I got 4As 1B for my UPSR examination. Since that, most of my cousins and aunts expect more from me. Sometimes, it pressures me because I know what I am capable of in terms of education. I don't have the brain of Albert Einstein, all I have is my own brain. And my brain has not much ability to solve difficult questions. Perhaps, I could only solve semi-hard questions. L.O.L.

Above all, I am kinda nervous right now, but I am trying not to feel anxious or nervous. I think that's all. Oh, and if you are kind enough, can you pray for my success tomorrow? If you can, Thanks !

bye ! wish me luck !

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