Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taxi Band - Hujan Kemarin .

my cousin introduced me this song yesterday. She said that, this song could make a person cry. Frankly, when I heard this song, tears fell from my hazel eyes! If you don't believe me, you listen and feel to this song. I bet you'd cry or maybe, sad. Well, I had my experience with this song. I hope you'll get you moments through this song! :)
And 1 more thing, this band is not popular in Malaysia though. So, if you're hoping to hear this song through the radio, don't hope. haha. Enjoy !


  1. I hmpr nak ngiz tp tk bulii cz family I adaa kt dpn tyme I dgr nhe laguu . soo sad :(
    I trz igt my MR.R :(

    ;DD ♥♥

  2. hahaha ... punyaa laa .. sedih kan diz song... me oso sikit lg mau cryy .. but i tahan jaa .. wakakka ..