Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Do you ever feel like you want to change yourself and get down dirty? Do you ever feel like you want to turn everything upside down is your life? Well, my answer to my question is, YES. I've always wanted to turn things around in my life. I want to feel the excitement of ignoring the norms of life. I want to feel what it is like to be loved and cared by a person whom I think is gorgeous and super beautiful. Although I know that the relationship wouldn't last until we're old and rusty. But, that's the point of having an early birdie lovey-dovey feeling ya know. So that you can feel the sexual pleasure and other things as well, such as the feeling of being appreciated, and loved.

Watching those who have girlfriends and boyfriends, it sometimes made me jealous of what they have. They could feel what I felt, touch and say what I said. What I mean with that is, I was in love with someone and I've  been into relationships but the only thing that I didn't do is to touch her. I didn't have the courage to do so. It's not like I'm a religious person who will never touch a girl, but, that's the norm of life that we must follow. After years of my breakup, I finally realize that I was wrong. I was in the line waiting like a douche-bag to start my move. Now, I'm lonely with hopes that someone out there would want to be with me. Not that I'm dying to have one, but that is what I 'need' for the time being. My life is so dull without love and affection.

Despite those sadness that I'm feeling while being single, there are also some reasons to be happy and satisfied during my single years. Firstly, I can flirt with ANYBODY. 'Anybody' refers to male and female. And, just in case you're wondering,Yes. Sometimes I flirt with guys as well just to know whether I am lovable on both sides or not. To my amazement, I caught some fishes.*wink* But, the relationship was abandoned and the guy who thinks I'm gay, was heart broken. HAHA. It was a funny thing to know that I am also lovable on the male side. I mean, I'm not that 'hot' or 'handsome' or super duper 'hunky'. I just LOVE to flirt. :)

Secondly, when I'm single, LESS money were spent on buying prepaid top ups. Instead, MORE money spent on shopping! Oh, yes, I am a shopaholic. I am probably the biggest shopaholic ever in my entire family. Well, I only go shopping when there's a big sale going on or if I have sufficient pocket money, I'd seriously go shopping with my beloved cousin. Shopping is just my thing. Even though some people may judge me the way my body looks like, I don't give a damn. Hell to the NO.

Lastly, when I'm single, I can eat as much as I want. I don't have to look after my weight every week just to please my girlfriend. In my point of view, losing weight for someone you love is a great thing to be done. But, having to look after your diet and eat LESS carbs just to look good. Huh. That is called killing yourself. It is better to have freedom in your eating habits. Ya know? F-R-E-E-D-O-M. Freedom.

All in all, being in a relationship is great but being single until you've managed to find the right person at the right moment, that is what I call a pure relationship. You don't have to think about your future anymore, because you are in the future by that time. Well, at least you've got to plan ahead so that your children will live a life worth living. That's all from me.


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