Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Willow featuring Nicki Minaj - Fireball

"I'm the fireball in the party" - Willow Smith, Fireball. 

Howdy Mate! 

School is going to start in 2 weeks. I'm not ready to go back to school. -,-

Today as usual, I went to my granny's house and really tried to make myself enjoy this holiday. I had 2 eggs for breakfast. Sunny-side up. Then, I went to the hospital to accompany my granpa for his review. Seriously, I hate the smell of the hospital. It's the smell of death and sickness. *vomits. 
But I guess I have to learn to bear with the smell because I shall be a successful doctor in the future. Yes, my ambition is to be a Doctor. I'm not quite sure what kind of doctor, but doctor it is. 

After the review, we went back home and settled down. I slept for 3 hours. While I was sleeping, my granny fed my granpa and she helped him with things. As I woke up, I cooked my lunch and ate it in front of the tV because Cougar Town asked me to do so. :P 

In the evening, I went outside and took some photos with my sister as my model. These are the pictures I got : 

Awesome right? HAHA. 
Okay, I'll continue blogging tomorrow. My eyes are getting heavier. Huh. Goodnight. :) 


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